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    Apparently because Rahul Sood is leaving his preferred Canadian home office to come to the Bay Area in September.
    Sounds good to me!

    HP’s WebOS Device Promos Starting in September? | GottaBeMobile)
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    Interesting article thanks, thoe in sept it'll be hard to keep my mind off of the looming black friday deals heh.

    Logged into my sprint account today and it shooved in my face YOUR UPGRADE ELIGBLE! SAVE 150$...

    Taunting me.
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    Just in time for my B-day!
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    Hey, Sprint & HP/Palm need to push out a holiday phone. That would be tight just in time for my Premier renewal
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    I really think raul is going to be the front man for the palmpad and various other developments .... Not sure what ruby is going to be up to though
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    I love Jon Rubinstein's engineering mojo and his ideas, but Rahul Sood is about ten times more charismatic than Jon-Boy. I'm sorry to say this.

    Maybe this was part of the problem at Palm - Ruby may have done good work with the Pre, but look at him:

    He's one freaky bugger, and if you met him late at night, you'd probably run and never look back.

    If they made Ruby directing CTO of the personal systems division, that would be perfect for him - but he's not a velvet-voiced prettyface with charisma that moves products on its own (like Steve Jobs). Rahul looks and sounds more media-friendly if you ask me...

    It's often like this - the really important people are hidden away in the background while the frontman getting all the media attention has merely been chosen for his ability to capture the media's attention in the first place...

    So far I thought McKinney would do the job, but maybe they're giving Sood some work too now - doesn't seem like he had very much of it lately. HP hasn't released any PCs with "VoodooDNA" in a long time. Now maybe he'll become HP's resident webOS evangelist!

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