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    My email inbox on my palm pre plus is suddenly showing an exclamation point in a yellow triangle on the right, next to the number of messages in my inbox. I have no idea what this means. I'm accessing gmail (via pop) and this occuurs whether I'm using WIFI or Verizon's network.

    Anyone know what this means?
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    no idea my hotmail was doing the same thing, not sure if it had anything to do with the changeover to windows live that happened earlier this week... I deleted the account and re-synched and no it appears everything is working fine.
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    It doesn't appear to be affecting the receiving of email though
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    Try tapping on it. I found a lot of things in Webos can be tapped to do or show something useful.
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    When I tap on it (which I had tried, I should have mentioned it), it just says "updated 8/4/10, next update in 998312 minutes, total emails..." The bizarre time span is because I have it set for manual checking only.
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    If you hit the refresh button (little round arrow thingy) does it go away? I have the triangle a lot and that usually clears it out.
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    You mean the check mail on the bottom right? Yes it disappears, but then it comes back when the fetch is complete.

    I suppose it doesn't matter. It's just annoying to look at.
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    had the same result....with the update times, except mine was set to 1 hour...i haven't seen the triangle since I re-synched m accout

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