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    Based on the fact that both OS's use webkit, porting an app developed with Ares should theoretically be pretty easy, yes?
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    You'd have to change every scene as they use webos-only syntax. The entire architecture would probably be different, and but you might be able to manage to use most of the assistants.

    But no, it wouldn't be a simple task.
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    According to Apple you can not use any other program except apple approved ones to make the Program so you might have to totally start over with their software
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    The real answer, coming from a developer (me) is: no.

    The way a webOS Ares app behaves is very different to a traditional HTML app. You'd have to build it as a pure-HTML app, which wouldn't really behave like a real webOS app. It can be done, but it's quite pointless.

    Additionally, webapps don't go into Apple's App Store. Making distribution for you quite difficult.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ugriffin View Post
    Additionally, webapps don't go into Apple's App Store. Making distribution for you quite difficult.
    Interesting. I mean, to the common user, an app made with Ares would just look like a normal app, they would have no idea it was technically a web app. Would you agree with that? I'm not debating what you said, but it seems silly that Apple would snub such an app when, to the end user, there is no difference. Am I missing something?
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    Apple continues to add App Store restrictions. Even if you managed to get Ares and UIWebView (Apple's WebApp framework) to talk to each other, you'd hit even newer Apple restrictions.

    Basically, Apple now requires Web Apps wrapped in iOS code to carry features that extend beyond what Safari can do, or face rejection. So, you'd have to add Push Notifications or some other feature to get it to pass muster.

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