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    We (the precentral Community) including myself, Have gotten impatient. All we do is act like spoiled little brats, and pretend no other platform has issues. Do we have the right to complain, sure, but let's take a look back on two reviews.

    Palm Pre review -- Engadget

    I want to highlight two things.

    1. Palm did so much in the two years they had to make web-os, but the time webos 2.0 comes out, it will have been another 1-1.5 years. Do you really think palm sat on their ***** all this time?

    2. We've had some major updates, got video recording, significantly improved browser, an app store with more than 50 apps (which took like two months to get to in the first place), 3d games, major speed updates (spread across many updates so it's hard to tell, but do a 1.0 doctor, and you'll see the difference), and countless security fixes.

    They achieved all that with very limited resources, and have been Quiet for the longest time. They had been planning a huge update, which we will see before the end of the year. They now also have access to so much more cash, SO SO SO much more. Look how much they did in two years, with next to next to no money, and all the updates we got in the last year.

    We spend 3/4 of our time bashing the hardware, while it does have it's share issues, that only accounts for about 1/2 the complaints. The other half is spend criticizing the form factor, which is why i posted the reviews above: WE LOVED IT! It had a nice screen, a keyboard, everything was round, smooth, and the touchstone... The 3gs came out shortly after, and was much faster, but we didn't really care, and still praised the pre's hardware.

    Until android took off, and all the sudden we started disliking it. for 3 main reasons, most only think of number 1.

    1. A new, amazing form factor announced every other week.

    2. Verizon spend a 100 million on advertising. Theres a reason they spend that, or why mcdonalds spends 2 billion dollars each year on advertising. IT works! We all like to think we do our research, and it doesn't impact us, but it does. And i don't just mean tv adds, I mean the website designs, the videos we see online praising the huge screen, the press conferences, that's all advertising going into our brain. (I was always a fan of big devices, but am still happy with the pre)

    3. We got tired, no matter what you have, you will want something else. We get tired of things, and want change. We want something new, and amazing not cause we need the features, but we like getting excited about things. It's Human nature, and it's what Htc, and Motorola have been taking advantage of amazingly. Always giving people something to talk about.

    So let this be the thread where instead of bashing the pre, we appreciated it.
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    Best thread to ever grace the forums. Bravo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgibin View Post
    Best thread to ever grace the forums. Bravo!
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    Good job mate We need more like this.

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