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    I created this mockup many months ago and it has been circulating ever since. The publisher of the article cropped important information out of the photo, including my copyright and a clear "mockup" designation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garage91 View Post
    jesus christ... a member of precentral made that mockup and its been circulating the internet for awhile now. there are plenty of threads related to rumors, no need to start up another one.
    I don't thiks Jesus Christ had much to do with this - I think it was David Vogt.
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    maybe palm could use your design. I'd buy that one with those specs anyday, as long as it's build quality comes way up over the crap quality they currently put out there. On my 4th pre with blown speakers
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    The next Pre will likely have the same resolution as iPhone 4 for cross platform compatibility purposes... So none of that 480x800 going on.
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    That's to funny. I don't believe rumors anymore. Even if they had a guy on youtube w/ the new device...wink,wink.
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    i can speak/unerstand french pretttttttty well, not fluent, but very comprehensive... anyways, the translation is pretty spot on, however it doesnt take into account more of street terms, and when some things r translated a little more "efficiently" through google, it sometimes messes up lil things like tenses(present, past, etc) and other things. with that being said, it seems as though(which is translated by google) that in all reality this is just a rumor, and that "it should be taken with a grain of salt". it seems as though with some of the tenses, its almost as if they r just coming across this photo of the c40 mockup our P|C user constructed, which has floated around to other sites citing this as a potential handset. this would explain the snapdragon, 480x800, so on and so forth. the user that made this mockup made it so damn convincing that other sites used it, and eventually it got filtered through to this french tech site. i dont think its anything more than that...

    also, i love to check these forums(at home, and even on my lunch break on my pre at work haha) on the regular, and i understand the need for new hardware, but u have to figure that not only do they have a team working on the 2.0 release, but also have another team devoted towards producing compelling products across the board to be released with 2.0, and i think that when the holiday season rolls around, im pretty sure we're not only gonna see smartphones(plural), but tablets, webbooks, and a whole LINE of products all released together to keep that synergy, connectivity to other devices, etc. i think that we're in store for a great experience this year.
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    I won't be suprised if webos 2.0 and new hardware go like this.

    "later this year" 2.0 is told about by HPalm, features what it includes and to be released offically on a new device.

    "ces 2011 happens jan", webos 2.0 and new hardware + tablet's are demoed.

    "first half 2011", webos 2.0 and new hardware + tablets are released to the general public.

    In the current state of lack of news, and the slowness of things. Just becuase he says "later this year" could mean just as simple as being offically known about.

    Don't ruin my anti-climatic joy, im trying not to get my hopes up.
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    Geez if the next webOS phone is going to be a ginormous +4" screen monster,, I'll be bummed out I hope webOS 2 truly is backwards compatible with the original Pre as I'll be sticking with it for a while longer I guess
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    I'll only be bummed if it's that big and they are stupid enough to waste space with a hw keyboard.
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