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    Up until a few days ago, my WiFi stayed on when my screen turned off. Now WiFi turns off even though I have the settings set to keep it on. I got a replacement phone and have the same issue. I was also looking at the phones in the Verizon Store, and they had the same thing going on. Is anyone else experiencing this? Out of probably four phones I've looked at in the last couple of days, they were all doing it. From what I've heard, WiFi is more efficient than 3G battery wise.
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    Mine just started doing this. No idea why, as I haven't changed anything recently, nor installed any new apps.
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    I thought it was just me...
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    I actually noticed this too - just started recently. I have a "Home" mode in Mode Switcher that is triggered by a connection to my home WiFi.

    Around the same time I started having my WiFi go to sleep, I installed UberKernal and started overclocking. I assumed the WiFi sleep had something to do with this, but it hadn't bugged me enough to start looking into it yet.
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    Have you checked out today's Tip of the Day?

    make sure this is set the way you want it!
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