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    Hello all,
    a recent crisis with my Palm Pre has led me to draw some conclusions about my own hypocracy. You see, I hate all Apple products with a blinding rage. I used to be a hard core Mac guy but the years of arrogant declarations and the ever present 'mac tax' wore on me until I could no longer justify paying twice as much for what a comparable PC would cost. So I set out to learn the ins and outs of the Windows world and started to build my own systems. I began to laugh at the whole 'Apple mentality.' I had had friends that would have laptop after laptop fail and still stay rabid fans of all things Apple doing everything short of bathing in applesauce to show their support. I would grudgingly admit that Apple REALLY understood three things: sexy, marketing, and simple elegance. But I would show them how many MORE things I could do on my PCs for roughly a third of the money (after Applecare etc.) I would shake my head disapprovingly as an Apple product would fail in a ridiculous manner and a friend would immediately buy an Apple replacement giving no thought to an alternative. Two weeks ago, I realized I was that guy....except for Palm.
    I LOVE my Pre. Two weeks ago the OS just started to melt down. So I doctored it and then watched as it STILL didn't work properly. Doctored it again and reinstalled everything AGAIN (including Gov and Uber which are, by the by, BRILLIANT...I had been using the orignal 800 kernel) and now it is a beautiful, elegant machine.....but it is only that way because of this site and the amazing Preware community. Much like the Apple/PC battle, one of the things I really appreciate about my Palm is just how customizable it is and how I can bend it to exactly suit my needs. BUT I shouldn't have had to. So many of the things that are wrong with this phone are simply inexcusable. I have literally had every single hardware flaw rear it's head at some point and I've fixed them all thanks to the forum (Oreo, headphone, audiojack, power button). I have doctored it several times after updates because it became borderline unusable. I have it overclocked because as brilliant as WebOS is, at the default speed it's pathetic. I watched as the company immediately rolled out a superior model to my own (original Sprint) that addressed many of my model's issues without Palm saying a word to those of us that were dealing with their 'beta model. And then came the iPhone 4....and my own hypocracy was revealed.

    When the whole antenna issue came to light I laughed in glee at my friends who had waited in line only to have a phone that didn't work only to be told by Stevey boy that they shouldn't hold it that way. And then after a simply ridiculous amount of bad PRPRPR, $Apple$ $gave$ $away$ $a$ $1$ $dollar$ $accessory$ $to$ $fix$ $the$ $issue$.....$which$ $I$ $thought$ $was$ $ridiculous$ $and$ $embarrassing$....$until$ $I$ $thought$ $about$ $my$ $Pre$. $What$ $had$ $Palm$ $done$ $to$ $address$ $any$ $of$ $my$ $issues$? $Without$ $this$ $community$ $and$ $my$ $own$ $ability$ $to$ $fiddle$ $and$ $fix$ $this$ $machine$ $I$ $love$, $I$ $would$ $have$ $been$ $totally$ $screwed$. $And$ $when$ $the$ $next$ $model$ $comes$ $out$ $on$ $Sprint$ $will$ $I$ $have$ $to$ $pay$ $full$ $retail$ $to$ $maintail$ $my$ $weirdly$ $rabid$ $Palm$ $loyalty$? $Or$ $will$ $they$ $throw$ $us$ $a$ $bone$?

    Through all of this I love my Pre.....I love that I CAN do pretty much anything to it. Would I like a larger screen and bigger keyboard? Yup. I am happy that Palm has NOT shown the arrogance that Apple continues to, and that they do seem to somewhat listen to the input of the community. But when the next Palm comes down the road, I'm going to have to look myself in the mirror and ask 'has Palm earned my continued loyalty?' Have all the ridiculous things I've had to do to keep my Pre afloat been appreciated at all? I don't know the answer...but I d hope that we Sprint Palm users aren't left out in the cold. Please give me a reason to stay. But for now, I'm snug in bed reading a book on my Palm...and my hypocracy keeps me warm.....
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    Nice essay, I think the same things all the time. The evo had me itching and I would like to see what hp has planned cause I love my webos!
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    Thanked from my MacBook Pro.
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    Yeah, when the next Palm device comes out, see how much you like it. If you don't like it, get whatever is right for you. Don't even bother with this notion about brand loyalty or the company appreciating whatever you do to make your phone work well. The company owes you nothing. Just be a consumer and get whatever is the best for you. Sometimes a brand makes you feel comfortable, but it's always good to look outside of the box as well and see what other companies bring to the table. You might be surprised at how much you can do on other devices as well. Arrogant people are the worst kind, so glad you're not being one of them.
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    Very well written article. I've caught my own hypocricy many times, but my excuse is tha I can see the innovation, revolution, and potiential of the device I hold in my hand, and that decades down the road I can say I owed the first true multitasking cellular phone.

    Not like that will have much meaning to my grandkids when the walls are able to multitask for you, but still being able to own an evolution in phone OS is pretty amazing. It feels as though we are all V.I.P.'s on the digital forfront for the next decade. And like you, I'm really hoping we are blessed for being the beta testers on 1.0 hardware.
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    This was a great article with some very insightful observations. While I am a confessed Palm "Fan-Boy" and avid supporter of the Palm brand name – I will be the first to admit that a lot of what you say is true. I spend much too much time updating, upgrading and uplifting my phone. I spend much too much time on pre|central browsing the forums and grasping at every bit of news about the phone. I spend much too much time showing off my Pre Plus to friends and associates who could care less (they have their own favorite phone brands). I too wish that Palm and HP succeed, just to prove to myself that all this time I have spent supporting Palm hasn’t been for naught.
    So far my Palm Pre Plus has performed admirably, with none of the hardware problems reported by others on this forum. I do not overclock, but I do have 28 patches and 70 applications loaded on my phone. The only problem I have had with the phone is the mess that Verizon made of the GPS which the GPS-Fix and BFG-Maps applications, seems to have repaired. So that was not a Palm issue but a Verizon problem (another brand that I seem to have a hypocritical loyalty too). I also have to ask myself 'has Palm earned my continued loyalty?' and I don’t have an answer. So in the mean time, while I wait to see what Palm and HP will do next, I guess I will just go call somebody, or text somebody, or show somebody my phone…
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    I agree jwin. When I saw the EVO I drooled more than a little......but ultimately I am convinced that WebOS is at the forefront of mobile OSes. And IMOP I totally agree that this device SHOULD be the device that leads strongly to the future of mobile OSes......but time will tell on that. Palm fumbled the football for many years leading to the launch failure of the Pre. But even now, I have rarely seen a device so beloved by it's adopters and so ignored by the world at large. I STILL have people on the subway ask me in awe 'What kind of phone is that?" when I'm reading ebooks during my commute. And Stung, I agree that it should, in principal be a meritorcracy, but the problem isn't just blind loyalty, the problem is that every company is pushing for self contained eco systems. Apple started it with iTunes. Even if you HATE iPhone and iPods, after you've spent a few thousand dollars in their themepark, you aren't going to want to leave. Not only have I already spent a lot of money in the apps catalog, I've adjusted the way I work and live to my phone and WebOS. COULD I adjust to another phone? Yup. Do I want to? No. And phone companies encourage us being shackled to a specific device. With the two year contract subsitdies, if my Pre starts truly falling apart in a year (which would not surprise me at all) will I be totally screwed? That is truly my fear, is that in a year there will be a spectacular new Palm phone, my phone will stop working, and Sprint will have run out of Refurbs. Hopefully, as I said before, they will encourage loyalty and do something for us. I actually believe that if they want to get back some of their marketshare (and steal some of Apple and, more definitely RIMs....who are RIPE for theft right now) They need to put out a killer device BUT build the rabid fanbase that will make that device a 'Must' to own. And not-yet-pre....install the gov and me. Not only does it INFINITELY improve the user experience, I seem to have longer battery life, it allows you to underclock when you are doing things that cause the phone to overheat (i.e. GPS in car while plugged in), and it really helps with memory errors. I haven't had a single issue, and I read VORACIOUSLY up on them before I installed.

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