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    How about local HTML files?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFHandyman View Post
    No undo. When you highlight a bunch of text, try to hit cut, and make a typo instead. Your text is all gone for good.

    The browser refresh and bounce back to the top of a webpage. It refreshes so often when it doesn't need to. I'd also like webpages to finish loading in the background.

    I went to check my msgs and came back to this site, turned white. Refreshed and only the top of the page was shown.
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    Sometimes I connect a bluetooth device and the icon appears as though it's connected, but audio will not play. This has happened across two different Palm Pres and with two different bluetooth devices.

    I'm also really sick of podcasts that won't download. Where is my 1.4.5!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    We all know that with any software there is bound to be bugs. Some being minor, some major game changing, ground breaking, earth get the point.

    So let's look at webOS (thee webOS) and we know there is some bugs that need worked out of the system.

    So I ask you, armed with your can of raid, what's that bug that annoys you the most and you just want it out of the system?
    the MAIN bug that annoys me on a daily basis is when i go to wake up the phone with the power button, the screen goes on for a second then goes black again. I have to press the power button twice, once to make it go to sleep and than a second time to wake it up again. To me it looks like the phone did wake up but the screen decided to just go black.

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    Wifi stopped working after last update. Palm refuses to address the problem: wifi broken after the 1.4 update! - Palm Support Community
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    Trying to use my phone and getting the black screen. Sometimes I have to wait 30 seconds or more. Sometimes I find another phone and call my to try to "wake it up".
    To fix this: Open ur slider, if ur keyboard is lit up, press the power button, then press it again.
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    Maybe three or four times a day I'll slide open my pre and either the screen will turn on at max brightness (I have to turn it back off and on for it to go to normal) or the screen will turn on for just a second and then go to black, then no matter what I do (other then pulling the battery) it will not turn back on for about 30 seconds to a minute. That's not really all that big of an issues, at least to me, but it is anoying.

    The much more serious bug to me is the phone app, it's laggy and unresponsive and makes it very hard to end the call, normally I just end up waiting for the other end to hang up or just throw the phone card off the screen.
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    I hate that when I'm using the camera APP it gets messed up (freezes, sometimes have to close/re-open) when I get a text message (the sound seems to mess with it). For an OS that brags about multi-tasking, this is an odd bug.

    Hate when I have Pandora/Music player open there's no quick way to lower volume of the ringer, the volume keys are permanently stuck on controlling the media, which is great in situations like when the screen is locked and youw ant to quickly lower the volume, but also annoying when you want to change your ringer volume...maybe a patch that when you hit the volume button you choose which to modify (while the screen is unlocked only)
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    Two bugs I really dislike have already been noted before, so I'll echo them

    1) PDF render fail. I don't know what it is about the PDF files that cause this, but certain files consistently cause PDF render fail.

    2) web browser not fully rendering pages. To answer the question that someone else asked, trying to force scroll down gets the kinetic bounce back, as if you were already at the bottom of the page. You can't scroll down until you switch to landscape and then switch back to portrait.
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    I have a Sprint Pre, and here are the software bugs I'd like to see addressed (without having to use patches or homebrew as a workaround):

    1. Headphone jack and how sometimes (often for me) it'll stay stuck in headset mode.

    2. Lately my screen turns back on automatically after I turn it off.

    3. Sluggishness of all apps starting (phone dialer pops up quickly)

    4. Google Maps must be addressed (But props to BFG Maps!)

    5. Since we have ultimate multitasking with cards, I'd like to see us be able to open up multiple text/IM and email threads at the same time. I understand there's a patch for that, so let's make it official. This would be huge to the major texting crowd, so you don't have to swipe left to go back to main contacts thread to select the next person you want to text or IM.

    6. Having synergy with all IM services is cool. Everything in one place. But there are times when I don't want to be signed into all IMs. I'd like to be able to select which ones to stay signed into, or with Yahoo Messenger, for example, select people I want to appear invisible to

    7. Photos!!! Why does it take so long for photos to render. I'm comparing this to the iPhone, where you just swipe from one photo to the next and everything is rendered instantly.

    8. PDFs ... we need to be able to swipe to delete PDFs. As of now, you have to connect to computer and enter the folder to delete.

    9. gTalk application. It only tells you if someone is Available (green) or "Busy" (orange), but it's lacking the orange color notification of being "idle" or "away."

    10. My screen randomnly comes on for some reason, and not just as I stated above when I turn it off.

    All that I can really think of right now ...
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    1 bug just kills me, the speed. When you grab an iPhone or Android device, everything seems instant. The UI and app launching of webOS is slow. If 1.5/2.0 fixes this, I will be a happy camper.
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    Typing. Instead of double typing letters. After the latest Verizon OS update the phone now skips typing letters altogether.

    GPS - Doesn't work at all with the Verizon device. Not even close to being accurate in any of the applications. Useless.

    WiFi - No VPN support and as far as I can tell no proxy support for corporate networks.

    Those are the big three for me.
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    Biggest bug i have run into is the built in facebook app when ever someone comments on a pic you can not view it from a notification.

    And the error with having to relog into google to access google maps
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    Screen won't turn on after pressing power button(requires multiple tries, sometimes if tried too quickly it will cause a luna restart). Sometimes when turning on the device the screen will turn on but lock screen won't be active yet.(it will initially appear dim and then after a few seconds light up)

    Screen turning on, on its own. I've attributed this bug to maybe my slider becoming too loose but I could be mistaken.

    I've also seen the bug mention on the first page about pages not loading fully and takes some tinkering with landscape and portrait to get it to load.
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    Three that really kill me:

    1) TMC (but that's on everyone's list from Sprint).

    2) The web page not fully rendering -- being cutoff.

    3) Not able to remove WIFI hotspots unless connected to them.

    The third one kills me, because at one point in time I connected to a wifi hotspot, now that hotspot is messed up and you can not connect to it, yet my Pre constantly tries to. I can not remove it because I can not connect to it. While some may say it is working as designed, I say it is a bug.
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    Browser: when bringing a browser card back from card view the page will be completely blank. Additionally, refreshing the page does nothing (the page loading indicator just spins and spins), and even bringing up the URL bar and tapping the go arrow does nothing. The card is just dead.

    Screen brightness: frequently the phone will wake up with the brightness very high (much higher than the set value). Turning the phone off and on again brings the brightness back down.
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    Oh, here's one: the Clock app (and some other third-party apps) seems to lose it's preferences randomly. I'll open Clock and all of the alarms I previously defined have disappeared.
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    It'd be nice if pandora would recognize the headphone button like it before the first webOS update.
    You know... like the music player does.

    Google maps is f'ng killing me.

    Camera is way to slow to load.
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    My biggest complaints:

    1) When the phone app is "maximized" I can't type the first and last initials of the person I want to call... I have to "minimize" the phone app, type the letters, then maximize the phone app. (This is actually only when on the "All Calls" screen of the phone app, but still... I'd like to be able to type from that screen.

    2) The headphone jack frequently gets "screwed up". This causes my microphone (or speaker - not sure yet) when talking on the phone occasionally. If I run a plug in and out of the headphone jack, it will fix the problem.

    3) The alarm clock doesn't always work correctly. (Am I the only one with this problem???). I use my phone as an alarm clock most mornings. 80% of the time, it works fine... It's that other 20% that drives me crazy (luckily, I usually wake myself up). Say the alarm is set to go off at 7AM, if I wake up at 7:03, there's no alarm... I'll swipe the unlock icon up, and the alarm screen shows up, but the phone is neither vibrating or ringing. ***??? Likewise, when the alarm goes off, it would be nice if I didn't have to swipe the unlock icon up to snooze.
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