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    Google Sync:
    1. Ugly Contact photos (smth like 50x50)
    2. Not syncing all fields (like Birthday)

    If that doesn't count as a "bug" then
    Browser not fully rendering pages (see previous page)
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    The Keyboard issue with double and missed characters seems to be getting worse to me. I love my pre and web OS but it is a HUGE hindrance when trying to type anything.
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    I don't know if it is technically a bug, per se, but my biggest annoyance is the lack of coordination between Classic and webOS. 1.4.1, back in March, going on FIVE MONTHS, introduced a bug in Classic. According to Motionapps, the fix is ready to go, just waiting on Palm to implement it via a webOS update.

    How much longer do we have to wait? Now that we have PDK, does Classic have to be so "special" that it requires a webOS update to make a change?
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    Another major annoyance is the funky characters that appear randomly when trying to move the cursor in editable text, and I think related, how select all+cursor back wipes out the whole field, instead of moving the cursor to the beginning of the field.
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    Non-responsiveness when locked and trying to receive a call:
    I get my background ("Blue Sky", funnily enough),and try as I might to drag the Green phone-icon-thingy up, it just moves around and does not answer the call. Takes several attempts - 50% of the time, the call has gone to v-mail by then

    Refusing to come out of locked mode in general:
    Similar to above, but no phone app involved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dornauc View Post
    The Keyboard issue with double and missed characters seems to be getting worse to me. I love my pre and web OS but it is a HUGE hindrance when trying to type anything.
    Are you using a really old overclocked kernel? Most keyboard problems (other than faulty hardware) were solved by and UberKernel.

    Is it the same one or two keys? That would point to a hardware issue.

    There are several threads that can help you determine if this is software or hardware. You shouldn't still be having that problem.

    Here is one thread. You will find others helpful, too:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    Probably PDF render failed.
    I have this problem infrequently, but it is still a pain when I get it.
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    pre sitting on a desk......full goes to vc mail...bug??

    Receive forwarded email on exchange.... palm pre can't open .eml.....kinda a bug??

    Everything else got fixed by this community...imop
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    I read the subject quickly and thought it was asking "What bugs or annoys you..." I didn't realize he was going for software bugs. My mistake.

    It seems like it will only open a .jpg file about 60% of the time? The rest of the time it just fails with no reason given, (or says "invalid file") even though the file opens fine on a PC.
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    I get a lot of "too many cards" errors, but I don't know if that's a bug in the OS, or in some program (a memory leak) or just that the memory is really too small. I'm using a Sprint Pre.

    If there's an "annoying missing features" thread, I'd be happy to contribute to that one.
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    1. Too many cards
    2. Inability to properly download some podcast formats (supposedly will be fixed in 1.4.5)
    3. Not sure what it is referred to, but there is an audio playback bug that causes the time position to be in an incorrect position when trying to jump forward/back, oftentimes causing the end to be cut off prematurely.

    The inability to read e-mails formated with .eml attachment is very annoying also, but from the description above I guess that would be classified as a missing feature....
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    1. Screen turning on and off over and over again when the pre has reached 100% charged on the TS (yes I have patches to turn the screen off on TS).
    2. For appointments that were created in outlook/exchange in another timezone then synced to the pre, when the reminder goes off, it goes haywire. After it is dismissed another one pops up, over and over again (I have this on my Verizon pre plus, another co-worker has this on his sprint pre with no homebrew). I have to go into JStop and kill all the calender processes.
    3. Video getting interrupted if there is a reminder.
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    pressing and holding a number on the dialpad in the phone app does not always initiate a call to the speeddial associated with that number.
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    There's a back-button browser bug with certain mobile sites like and If you go to the site right after launching the browser cad via one of your bookmark thumbnails and then navigate around, the back button/swipe takes you back to the bookmark page instead of your last page. However (and this is how I know it's a bug), if you immediately go forward (forward swipe for instance), then the back command will work from then on as expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbird34608 View Post
    pressing and holding a number on the dialpad in the phone app does not always initiate a call to the speeddial associated with that number.
    I second this one. It actually is one of the more annoying things that seems to be a bug. Basically, the phone is sleeping and I wake it up and unlock the phone. If I open the slider and hold down a number or speed dial option it doesn't always call immediately and I have to manually hit the larger speed dial option or hit the back button and try again. Generally it works on the second try. Another solution I have found that seems to work to fix it is to swipe up the launcher and then swipe down. After doing this, holding down a speed dial contact dials correctly. I don't really know what causes it.
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    Trying to use my phone and getting the black screen. Sometimes I have to wait 30 seconds or more. Sometimes I find another phone and call my to try to "wake it up".

    Too many cards error.

    Slow response on phone app.
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    Im a new Palm Pre Plus user from Verizon and very excited about getting the palm pre plus for a number of reasons but I'm spoiled with my Ipod Touch apps being free(alot of them) and Palm making you pay for the same ones. Also I'm waiting a call back from Palm Support on my ticket from 8/2 regarding my AIM not working/syncing to my contacts. Can anyone help a new user? Is this typical from Palm I really wont to keep this phone and not go back to Verizon and pay the addtional 3G Mobile Hotspot & get the DroidX or similar, Thanks for any feedback or help
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    Browser not fully rendering pages (see previous page) white page gotta turn the phone to landscape and back to portrait or scroll the page...

    Black screen after pressing power button sometimes it comes up after second sometimes it doesn't and i have to press the power button few times...

    the bug in update app that says that I have applications updates but i don't!
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    TOO MANY CARDS biggest issue on my phone...
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    not really a bug, but how about a way to sync the palm profile to my omputer?? Iif my pre goes down can't get at my info, and I am not down with manually entering all of that info into outlook or google calendar or whatever.
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