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    Monitoring the network connected to a Palm Pre shows periodic and unusual traffic to hosts with A) no reverse DNS, and B) to hosts with rDNS domains which have hidden/private domain registration. Most but not all of the traffic is destined for remote XMPP port numbers. This traffic occurs whether or not any applications are running in the GUI. Given the recent announcements of spyware and trojans on iPhone and Droid devices I would like to know how to detect and either monitor or remove the offending applications from the Pre.

    On a related note, does anyonek now how to report these issues to Palm? The support phone number referred me to, however, that form only returned an error (Looking for something? 500: Server Error)?

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    send a PM to hardbeatz... he can guide you.
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    palm collects a LOT of information on you including how often you start apps etc.

    go to ##logs# and turn off auto rdxd upload

    next install EOM Overlord Monitoring from Preware
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    oh, also google "joey hess palm pre"

    he has a writeup on what palm is collecting

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