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    I thought it was a bad battery and replaced it twice but it's still draining.

    Using Terminal, my Netstat and PS -A lists are HUGE and I'm thinking that there are residual, persistent processes and connections eating up my battery life.

    Netstat shows 7 active internet connections and about 20 pages (full flicks of the thumb) of "STREAM CONNECTED" and "DGRAM" entries.

    PS -A shows a ton of Daemons and processes like VZNavigatorServ (I don't use VZ navigator) and mediaserver which I don't know if I need. When I try and kill the Navigator process, it pops back up.

    Is there a "HiJack This" type of list that I can look at to see what processes and net connections are good to keep?

    Before a couple of weeks ago, setting my phone in Airplane mode and underclocking it to 125MHz only lost me about 5% of the battery for the work day. Now it kills about 50-60% so something I've installed is doing this.

    Is there a way to see how much memory a process is using or how much bandwidth a connection is using to see what's killing my battery? *edit*(I just found that ps with the -el switch shows memory use). I'll list the big users that look suspicious with their listed memory usage:

    mediaserver 8520
    pubsubservice 4755
    pulseaudio 42522 - The biggest memory hog other than LunaSysMgr - not using sound!
    passthrud 13606 - Not using passthru at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    Thanks for that, I'll check it out. Anything for bandwidth usage?

    *edit* - Just checked it out- It is cool but it doesn't seem to show background processes like Daemons.
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    PS and netstat sound pretty cool. Give me the full commands and I'll post what I have running.
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    install EOM from preware
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    Quote Originally Posted by imop45 View Post
    PS and netstat sound pretty cool. Give me the full commands and I'll post what I have running.
    ps -A (capital "A"!) is for listing all processes. ps -el will show you each process and the memory used by it.
    In order to kill a process, find it's process id (pid) in the listing and use the kill command with the -9 switch and the pid: "kill -9 5633" will kill the process with the 5633 id - if there is one.
    netstat is just by itself

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    install EOM from preware
    I'll check that out, thanks!
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    For anyone else with a Verizon Pre Plus experiencing excessive battery drain for no apparent reason: I Doctored my phone and didn't install the "enable Verizon aGPS server" patch. That worked. Just removing the patch doesn't help, it's got to be doctored.

    I doctored my phone several times, using various combinations of patches and apps and leaving that one patch off was the only thing that worked.
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    I'm a Sprint Pre user now running 1.4.5 and since a Doctor install of 1.4.5, my system load is through the roof (as seen in Govnah). It only happens when the screen is off. I've narrowed it down to either mediaserver or fileindexer. I'm starting to lean towards mediaserver because if I "dbus-util --capture", the media server starts, stops, fails to stop then dies, starts, stops, fails to stop then dies, starts...

    over and over. It only happens when the screen is off and I'm on batterty (not plugged in).

    Any ideas? And yes, MediaServer is needed. The Pre won't play sounds without it.


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