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    why can't you just use the youtube app that comes with your phone the way palm intended?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    why can't you just use the youtube app that comes with your phone the way palm intended?

    Simply because i like to sign in to my account and rate, reply, and view my subscriptions. Which I can not do with the youtube app that comes built in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoLLEmUp View Post
    Unfortunately that did not work. There is no touchscreen. only sign-in, feedback, help, privacy & terms, and desktop.

    Looks like i am going to ditch iphone agent spoof.

    I don't believe that perhaps maybe a work around is possible?
    Keeping the iphone spoof, but being able to maintain and keep the webos supported mobile youtube?

    I could live without the spoof, but i'll surely miss the simplicity of the web pages display that the iphone spoof gives me.
    an fyi, most sites have mobile optimized versions if you use, or (pun not intended, but savored non the less) for exampe is lovely on the pre.

    but perhaps you already knew that.

    cheers and good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoLLEmUp View Post
    Simply because i like to sign in to my account and rate, reply, and view my subscriptions. Which I can not do with the youtube app that comes built in.
    Thank you, seriously, why is it so hard for people to understand the YT app is very barebones and terrible. All you have to do is have a playlist you like to watch or a subscription to follow and it's quite obvious the app is insufficient.

    Google said they hope to bring the new YT search to webOS in the coming months (finally obsoleting the YT app) and I think more sites are recognizing the Pre, so hopefully yours will come along. Maybe an email push? I got my bank to support the Pre on their mobile banking site.
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    my understanding of the iPhone spoof is that it only tells a site to re-direct it to a site optimized for mobile and/or iPhone. Most of the mobile sites I've seen are the same for iPhone as they are for Android and Pre. Since they all use the webkit browser, what else did youtube screw up to make it incompatible with webOS?

    As I've tried to use the site with my Pre, it always sends me to the youtube app to play the videos. I'm obviously not a big youtube user, but the mobile site doesn't seem to have changed much - it seemed to lack so much functionality before. Did they take away even more, or just break the video? In my case, the video still plays.

    I thought that the problem was that there is no option to play the higher quality versions from the webOS player, which is still the case.

    So I'd be interested in someone explaining what functionality was lost in the new mobile youtube site, and maybe a screenshot of what changes with/without the iphone spoof.

    I use the iphone spoof, and I won't have the chance to remove it until my next trip to the doctor. My occasional use of youtube has shown nothing more than search and play capabilities (plenty for me). In reading through this thread and the other on this topic, I didn't see anything definitive about what else they broke.

    It might also be helpful to rename this thread because we have established that the OP doesn't really have an iPhone app running on his Palm phone...

    ...color me "confused"
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    1. If you want to compare the current Pre search to the new one formatted for iPhone/Android, Google has set up a webpage going over the new look. Please see

    for a video.

    2. The Pre YT app automatically plays the HQ version.

    3. The site for the Pre is not broken. It's not updated. Don't get confused between the YT app, the current mobile site, and the new mobile site. The YT app has basic search and play capabilities and no account support. The current mobile site has account supportm but the UI needs some improvement and videos require the separate YT app to play.

    The point of the redesign is to bring a unified Youtube experience to mobile smartphones. As Google explains, most smartphones have their own implementation of the site in a Youtube app. They tend to suck (some more than the Pre) and are infrequently updated. Rather than have crap apps across platforms, Google wants a great website that feels like an app, has more features and support, and is more frequently updated.

    If you watch the video, you'll notice that using the new YT site, videos will play in the browser - no opening in your phone's separate YT app. Option to choose picture quality is available as is playlist support, favoriting support, subscription support, ratings, comments, and search suggestions. Some of this stuff is present in the current mobile site, but the new version is better laid out and accessible with a look beter suited to the design of current smartphones than the ugly sites featurephones tend to show.

    Apparently there are some "technical difficulties" that require the Pre launch to be delayed by "a few months". Whatever.
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    thanks very much!
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