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    Anyone else notice similarities between WebOS and Blackberry OS6?

    quick access main menu pull-down of options, quick access to messages, universal search, multi-screen "views"

    though i would love it if WebOS would group my media or frequently used apps in a "View".

    Will it be harder for HP to sell WebOS as a business product within enterprise, when buyers can just point to RIM's tools + similar WebOS-style functionality? Slide-show - Blackberry OS6 Preview;page
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    man it still looks clunky and **** ugly.

    Looks even clunkier than Android. Geeks don't know how to design. I am a Canadian and have mad respect for RIM, but Blackberry OS6 looks like ****e.

    The only good inutitive looking OS's so far are WebOS and iOS. Period. Every other OS has terrible layout and planning, poor use of font size and text placement, and **** ugly colours and interface.
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    Keep in mind RIM has copied Palm for some time now:

    1) Palm had the first PDA and PDA/Cell Phone combo -- RIM copied the phone and OS design
    2) Palm releases Pre - RIM makes copycat device
    3) Palm releases webOS - RIM makes lookalike
    4) HP registers PALMPAD trademark - RIM buys

    See what RIM has ripped from Palm. No real innovation from RIM.
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    i think they even done it better than palm in some ways:

    time for palm to update the universal search...

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