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    Sorry for the delay, I didn't visit this forum very often.

    Palm rejected the app from the catalog. You can read the whole story here: pRingtones

    If you just want the ipk:

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    Thanks so much now I can see if I can screw it up. Tempting to wait for my daugther but who knows when she will travel the 1300 miles to say hight lol
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    hey i been lookin for ver 0.9.9 , can u help me PLEASE . i been lookin for thet ver everywhere !!!i just love the can change ringtones every hr !!! and the older ver dont have that !!
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    Unfortunately, the link is not working. All it says is:

    You don't have permission to access ...

    Restoring my palm to it's earlier state is getting harder and longer.
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