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    from they stated :

    "While we continue to wait for new webOS hardware from HP/Palm, the Palm Pre continues to get cheaper. AT&T has dropped the price of the original webOS phone to just $99.99, although the device is currently out of stock on the carrier's website. "

    I had a collegue just buy one, at a store and told me a HP rep was there as well pushing the phones to people in the store. It seems HP isnt playing when they said double down on palm huh.
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    That's not really surprising considering how good of a phone it is an that HP just spend some pocket change on Palm. Then again, I've yet to see a problem with reps talking about the Pre (now, the Kin on the other hand...).

    As a matter of fact, when I got mine on launch day at AT&T the reps were actually very knowledgeable on the phone, interface, and accessories. Even accompanied a friend at both Verizon and a third-party AT&T store and both reps were carrying Pre's. Guess I'm just lucky in my area.
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    A friend of mine manages an ATT auth. retail location. He can't keep the Pre+ in stock and sells them like crazy! He has people paying full price up front in order to get them transferred from other stores (takes several days), so there's definitely a solid demand for them...on that network, at least.
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    I have a friend working at an att kiosk and same deal, they are constantly back ordered on them
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    I have a Sprint Pre, but out of curiosity I went into a ATT store a few days after the Pre launch just to get a feel, and the rep had no idea whatsoever about the phone, he barely even knew that they sell them,let alone what the phone does.
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    I hope this is true, because if it is then this is great news for palm and webOS. I don't think i believe this though because of the survey that showsalm has 0% mindshare. Who know, maybe HP has had an influence on the carrier's pushing of palm devices. And moreover, let's hope they are selling the last of their inventory ahead of a product launch
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    sure, if you want at&t but don't want an iphone... What could be better to choose than Palm? Makes sense to me...
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    not sure, maybe att only ordered a small supply.

    with vzw, I think they are selling more as well, through limited channels, because the number of reviews of the phone has been steadily increasing,to well over 1100 of 4 stars.
    at my vzw store they don't care for the phone (fools), but there must be other stores that are more webOS frienly
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    I went into the verizon store here and the rep told me he didn't like the palm pre. I have the pre with sprint and I asked him why he didn't like it and he couldn't give me a reason. I started showing him some of the features in the pre so hopefully that helped him have a more information on the phone. I also took the liberty of updating there pre+ to since it was never updated. I think I'm going to have to check back on them and make sure 1.4.5 gets installed :-P
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    Well that's good, though I think the Aria and Captivate will definitely hamper its sales, now.

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