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    Progress bars!!! It is such a simple concept, but it decreases the user's blood level if you include this when you upload videos online to youtube or facebook. Even when loading an app. Preware does this very nicely. Something flashing, or something going around in a circle is useless.

    Also the ability to QUICKLY rearrange icons in launcher. None of this Hold and wait and then wait to move to another screen, wait for the animation to put the program in place, still holding, going to another screen, etc... it takes too long.
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    Hi there,
    I'd like to comment on that too =)
    Please note I'll concentrate on software only. (New hardware of course would be nice, with fast flashstorage (plus more storage, which wouldn't need to be as fast, maybe make that storage swappable => µSD-card) , fast CPU, maaaaaybe little bit more RAM, ambient light sensor. Bigger screen estate for/higher resolution for notification badges (I swipe them away cause they use up the precious space!))

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Calendar Search
    In general, universal search should be general. I'd like to search calendar, mails, messages (text + IM), notes, music.
    What will be kind of hard: keeping the results simple and nicely integrated to webOS. But they should better do just that.

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Music Player Upgrade
    Hmm. It's not so much about UI as it is about using resources. I don't understand how the iPhone can play music for 30, 40 hours straight, whereas the Pre can't run 8 hours (mine can't, even in flight mode!).
    Once this is fixed (there is a dedicated chip for that!), all is well - they could simply use remix once it's written in C++ or sped up otherwise.

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Spell Check
    Oh yeah.

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    -Show Time & Date on ALL Conversatations
    -Sent Folders*
    -Save Messages
    Well, messenger needs more things... more protocols, for one (XMPP (plus facebook for the 'dummies'), MSN...). Also, and most important, all of it should be backed up! (Would also be nice to somehow send it to a computer for completeness).

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    -Add More Pages To Launchers
    Even more important, I think Palm needs to decide whether to scroll up/down or left/right. What would be nice is some feature to quickly jump between launcher pages. This should be rather discreet and maybe even fade. One feature would be for the user to decide how many rows/columns are displayed at once.

    Yeah, that's that. Oh, one more thing.... I'd like to have twitter in synergy.
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    Hmmm.... the problem with these threads are I never feel like reading all of the way thru so I have no idea if what I'm going to post has been stated before.

    (The obvious ones that should be stated)

    Responsiveness (catching after movement of under 5 pixels instead of the 10-15 it takes now)
    Faster boot time (3-5 minutes is absurd)
    Better battery life
    SDK changes to allow access to more of the phone features

    (Dunno if these have been stated and these are in no order)
    1) MORE RELIABLE GPS. I hate having my GPS "fail to find me" when I need it. Because "failing to find me" means waiting for a 5 minute process before I can try again (ie rebooting). Last time I tried running Smart Runner, I couldn't. I stood outside, rebooted my phone, waited like 5 minutes just standing outside doing nothing, ran it again, and it failed again. And yes, I've gotten GPS signal at that location many times before.
    2) Better email program. I'd like threaded emails if possible. I would also like the option to just download new emails from a provider w/o "synching". And I would like the option of adding email accounts w/o Synergy. PLEASE! I don't need random crap in my contacts list.
    3) Background Task List. Show everything running in the background and how much memory and cpu it takes. It can hide crucial processes I suppose. There should be an option to "kill" or "restart". I haven't had the issue again, but I used to have an issue with the email checking service hanging trying to download an email and it would drain my battery at a rate of 1% every 2-3 minutes.
    4) Scroll bars/fast jump options. Scroll bars would be useful so you know where you are on the list. Also fast jump options like on the iPhone where you can jump to any letter in the contact list would be appreciated.
    5) IM New card tweak. You can enable a "new card" mode on the IM program. If you do this, if you tap an IM notification it'll open a new card if the mode is enabled and a card for that person isn't open already. tapping on the IM icon will ALWAYS launch the IM user list. There's a patch that ALMOST does this, but not quite since it only opens a new card if you're on the user list.
    6) Web Browser. Lots of websites dont' render right. Fail. Even IMAGES alone don't show up sometimes. They work fine on the iPhone (I know cuz I tried to show someone a picture, it came up as blank on my phone no matter how much I tried, I borrowed friend's iPhone and voila, no issue at all).
    7) New Lock Options. Add a "time to lock phone" option with settings of "when screen off, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30, and 1 hour" What this would do is either require unlock when the phone whenever your screen goes off, after 1 minute of the screen going off, 5 mintues, etc. So for example if you unlock your screen and then do something then the turn it off but 10 seconds later want to use it again, you don't have to unlock it again. it's useful for when you're letting a friend borrow your phone so he/she doesn't have to keep on bugging you to unlock it. IMO a 5 minute lock makes a lot of sense so you wouldn't have to keep on unlocking it and you have the safety of knowing if you lose your phone it'll be locked (the only way it wouldn't be is if someone got to it within 5 minutes and turned it on within those 5 minutes).
    8) Widgets. I'd like the ability to have an "upcoming events" widget on the home screen.
    9) Swipe right to get rid of first layer, swipe left or long press/swipe to remove all notifications. You have 8 new email messages it says. It shows you the top one. Swipe right, now it says 7 with the next message preview. Swipe right again. Says 6 with the next preview. Swipe left or long press and swipe off to remove all the notifications.
    10) App Catalog Improvements
    * Get rid of "hottest apps" and put in "Most Downloaded" (by week, month, year, all time)
    * Hide vendor list or have a vendor ranking depending on ratings, number of ratings given and number of apps.
    * Rating update to reflect the amount of ratings. 3 five star reviews most likely means far less than 100 three point five star reviews.
    * Home screen should be retooled too.
    11) Virtual keyboard. One VERY similar to how the Preware one works now, but obviously without the weird quirks (like kinda covering up crucial areas) and quicker and more responsive.
    12) IM History loading. For IM chats, only load the last... say 20 messages. if you scroll up past that it'll say "load entire chat history". This hopefully will cause it to come up faster?
    13) Combine "apps". "Sounds and Ringtones, Screen & Lock, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services, Device Info, Date and Time, Regional Settings" should be one "App" called "Settings".
    14) Allow removal of apps and add those apps to the appcatalog. Only exceptions are: Phone, Contacts, Camera, Photos, Videos, AppCatalog, Settings (or the various settings apps), Backup.
    15) Clock App. Add a stop watch/timer to this.
    16) Copy/Paste and Cursor movement tweaks. It's kinda fine the way it is now, though there's some weird behavior a bit, but you should also be able to tap the various edges of the screen to make it advance one character left/right/up/down. Ie if you hold down the option button then tap the top of your screen, it should move the cursor up one. Tap it twice, it'll move up twice. I'm sick of trying to move it one letter and I either get none or 3 letters.
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    -optimize messengers so i can use them without my battery dying
    -better auto spell check
    -faster all around user experience with UI
    -msn messenger support
    -Voice recording application
    -better battery life
    -block tr011s button
    -voice dialing
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    once for all included in the phone not separated as this video shows

    Digishow Pocket Projector

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    I'm hoping WebOS 2.0 features a brand new device.

    Not that i'm bored w/ my phone,cause I love my Pre!

    I just want HP/Palm to get in the game.
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    - preware as incorporated app instead of using WOSQI to install
    - filez/internalz incorporated
    - photoshop
    - voice to text
    - vm to text
    - voice recognition to unlock phone
    - ability to scroll within windows (internet)
    - adobe flash
    - card view - ability to work on 2 cards simultaneously, more views like app list for better overall view
    - folders like iphone
    - widgets
    - live wallpaper w/ profile capability (am - day / pm - night)
    - wifi sync - to other mobile devices too share files
    - better utilization of cloud - profile and storage space, maybe use the cloud also to track device if possible, better backup restore.
    - more synergy with better control
    - wifi app like netstumbler or inssider for the net techies
    - usb mode with ability to at least use phone
    - instant on and reboots (come one incorporate Phoenix's hyperspace, hypercore, instant on, etc)
    - voip (nice solution for out of country esp w/ Sprint, cheap possibly free alternative)
    - better security

    I can go on and on, but I think all listed is possible now, even on the pre until new hardware comes out.
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    A desktop client that syncs PIM through the cloud. I want it to back up my datafiles, photos, videos, download folder, and a new shared folder, over USB (or wifi). I want to be able to sync that data back to the phone if I ever have to restore.

    I want to be able to open calendar, contacts, notes (pls god give us back classic Palm OS notes), on the desktop client so I can put stuff in there with cut and paste.

    I want to be able to sign into different user accounts on my tablet, so more than one person can use it. I want to be able to sign onto my phone Palm Profile from my tablet and continue the crossword puzzle I started with my phone on the train. I want to be able to see all the PIM data exactly like it is on the phone. Just keep them in sync with the cloud.
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    I like how everything that is mentioned here for add-ons is already on my phone... So glad I switched from the piece of crap hardware Palm Pre. I love my EVO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
    I like how everything that is mentioned here for add-ons is already on my phone... So glad I switched from the piece of crap hardware Palm Pre. I love my EVO!
    Well I like how your still posting in a Webos forum. Don't hijack my thread with your evo crap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
    I like how everything that is mentioned here for add-ons is already on my phone... So glad I switched from the piece of crap hardware Palm Pre. I love my EVO!
    Android is definitely farther along than webOS and more feature rich than webOS. AND it has far superior hardware than webOS. There's no doubt about it.

    On the other hand, webOS is cleaner than Android and notifications and multitasking are MUCH better done on webOS. (Though it is capably done on Android).

    The Pre HAD good hardware. When the Pre came out, it was top of the line hardware; it's been over a year since a hardware update though and Android phones are getting hardware updates almost monthly. Apple gets theirs yearly. HPalm needs to do a hardware refresh every 6 months to a year I think. Hardware might get less crazy in a bit though since it looks like Hummingbird/Snapdragon chips are the new baseline. The Pre came out right before the huge 1Ghz push.
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    Mind Reading
    Mind Control
    Future Prediction
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    Speed and battery life. That is all. Really.

    The two don't really go together. One is usually a trade-off for another. So what I'm really asking for is optimization and use of resources, such as the gpu. A UI shouldn't be too hard for any gpu, while we can see now that the cpu is being strained on the UI.
    What burns more power: 90% loaded CPU and 0% GPU, or say 30% CPU and 30% GPU?
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    the option to downloading files like mp3s instead of streamings, zip file manager with more support, enchaned pdf supports and virtual keyboard. Please make that happen
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    I would love to see a better speakerphone on the phone, I use the speaker phone alot, and the Palm Pre Plus is not a very good one!! Please!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qweeni View Post
    I would love to see a better speakerphone on the phone, I use the speaker phone alot, and the Palm Pre Plus is not a very good one!! Please!!
    +1 I couldn't believe that a friend's BB Curve had a better speakerphone than my Pre
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    Be careful using the speakerphone after about 1.5 to 2 months I killed my speaker.

    One thing I would like would be a better task app with reminders and a better calender with all day events you can view from the month view.
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    I'd like the speaker quality to be improved to match that of the Treo 680. I cannot believe that the Palm Pre sound quality is not even 1/10th of their old Treo.
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    paid app catalog access in non registered countries :-P
    Palm m105 >> Zire 72SE >> AT&T Pre Plus >> Pre 2 (cracked)>>HP Veer/Pre 2>>Touchpad>>Pre 3...and I'm only 17 years old! (My own savings)
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    I posted this in the 1.5 wish list.

    Same would hold here:

    Voice Features - as in:

    voice dial
    voice activation
    voice memo
    voice SMS.

    At this point it is going to be the deal breaker.. Love my pre but... if these features are not going to be on a new phone in the near future, I am going to be taking a serious look at the HTC and the Samsung that will be out soon with Sprint.
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