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    Hey all. I don't have a webos phone yet since I'm waiting too see what hp/palm
    releases next but I want to know if webos has support for browsing and playing media from a third party streaming media server (like a networked nas device) More specifically is there any support for divx, xvid or mkv files either through the built in media player or from a third party?

    Thanks for any info. Doug D
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    actually I may of answered my own question (or part of it) I see that the vlc media player is available for the webos platform (awesome!). Does it work well???

    I guess my other part of my question is about the media browsing compatibilities or exactly the opposite of what apple does with the ipad, by not allowing any type of file manager, etc.

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    do a search for getting Orb working with your Pre
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    Might want to look into

    Will stream music and correctly formatted video. Setup isn't too difficult.
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    +1 on Ampache Mobile. Works great.

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