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    often my evil Blackberry-toting colleagues will snap a pic and email it around in jpg format - everyone else can open it and i can on my laptop - but on my pre, i click on it and it says "cannot find an application which can open this file" - not sure if this only happens with blackberry camera pics - i certainly have been able to open other emailed jpgs before - and email is the only app open so i dont think its a memory problem - and not sure if its an image size issue (this particular pic right now is 988k) - whats going on?
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    And it's a .jpg file?
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    The pre definitely supports .jpg, maybe you are referring to .jpeg? But I never use that format, but you could just rename it to .jpg and receive it on your pre.
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    its definitely .jpg. how could i rename the file? when i click on it i get the error message..
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    I have both .jpg and .jpeg as well as .png on my Pre Plus and am able to open all of them from Internalz. I suspect that the files may not be downloading completely to your phone or may be compressed.
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