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    I have been taking home movies that were edited in windows movie maker (wmv) then converted to mp4 for pre viewing, about half way through each video (which are about 30 sec's long) they freeze and I get an error.

    I have used AVSvideo conversion, AVSforyou, and videora palm pre conversion...none work in stopping the issue.

    One last thing, if I start the video at the error point it plays through to the end.

    Anyone else have this issue or any ideas
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    It sounds like an issue with the encoding process. Try using a program like Handbrake to encode the video (using the iphone preset). I've never had an issue with getting files converted with that free piece of software.
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    Tried Handbreak but the same issue comes up. I am wondering if it is because of Movie Maker. The original file is in VOB, which I have to convert to WMV in order to edit then to mp4...I wonder if it is the number of conversions being done that is messing with the coding.

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