I find that some of the bundled apps are lacking. So, what apps in the app catalog can I get to replace:

The email app - Doesn't allow me to select multiple messages to move or delete them.
The video app - Just plain sucks. Doesn't remember where I left of in a video. Took almost 10 seconds to start a video that was rendered for the Pre and then said it couldn't play it after it just played it a few minutes earlier. Why?
The music app - for 2 or more cd albums, it does not order the songs correctly. The 2cds are mixed together with the first song of each disc next to each other. This should not happen.
The calendar app - does not show full day events in month view.

I think for some of these, I have same issues as the others.

If Palm is so open, why aren't there alternatives in the app catalog? Surely, there is somebody who may feel the need to make alternatives. BTW, I once did try the Music Remix app and it exhibited the same issue as the bundled music app.

These are all things that iOS does on my iPod touch. webOS is great but not all of the bundled app are. It would be awesome to have alternatives that one doesn't have to go homebrew to find, but officially released apps.