I could really use some help for something I thought would be painless.

I'm having a hard time finding information regarding migrating/syncing exactly the same information, apps, patches, etc. from one broken Palm Pre Plus to a "replacement" I received from Verizon yesterday.

Here's what I thought might work (a few scenrios sp?)...
  1. Use the latest versions of Preware, Backup Utility, Save/Restore, WebOSQuickInstall and also using the USB function to backup and/or copy folders from the USB partitions. Each unit has webOS installed. I also use the Palm Cloud along with Pocket Mirror v.3.
  2. Backed up lemon first and then copied USB partition to computer.
  3. Used Preware for the "Saved Package List" function to hopefully backup a large number of patches...By the way, THANKS TO EVERYONE who has contributed to make the Palm Pre and webOS what it is today. For that appreciation, I have contributed $ to a couple of individuals and will continue to do so. Small price to pay for a 12+ year frustrated PalmOS user.
  4. Used Save/Restore for the apps that applied to my unit.
  5. Copied USB partition to computer.
  6. Now, I turned on the reconditioned Palm Pre Plus, activated it and logged into my Palm account.
  7. Did the upupdowndown...to unlock the device.
  8. Used USB to connect to latest version of WebOSQuickInstall.
  9. Downloaded & Installed Preware, Luna Manager, Backup Utility, Save/Restore and Developer Mode. Rebooted unit.
  10. Restored backup
  11. Restored Apps from Save/Restore.
  12. Used Preware to get back the patches I saved...
  13. When I turned on newer unit, I had to login into the Palm account, and of course activate the unit.
  14. Now just about everything I did should be normal right?
  15. Basically got back my apps.
  16. Tried to retrieve patches, but only 5 were listed from the crazy amount I saved.
  17. Lost majority of PIM data except the info from the Palm account.
Now what? It confuses me why I didn't (basically) get most of the data, preferences, etc back on the replacement. If I had the majority of this on the "lemon" and copied/restored the backup on the replacement, I thought I would have a working unit which was a duplicate of the lemon.
If I downloaded the fundamental tools to recreate what was on the lemon, why didn't the replacement unit replicate the lemon's system/setup? Where did I go wrong?

Thanks in advance for any assistance one can provide. I've had most of this information for years.