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    Engadget reports that Motorola is denying that the eFuse technology they've installed on the Droid X is there to brick phones. Instead, the article highlights, that the intent is to keep unauthorized code from being installed on the phone.

    I'm sure that this will eventually be bypassed just like many other jailing mechanisms before it, however the fact still remains that we webOS users are free and able to modify our phones to best suit our needs. More importantly we have have the blessing and support of the manufacturer to do so.

    Where other platforms have to hide in the shadows of their respective manufacturer, we webOS users operate in the sunshine and bask in its warmth. In my book, this is HUGE! and the number one reason to stick with webOS.
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    i said something very similar when the efuze article broke, but you say it and it comes off all well written and insightful. great minds think alike, nice post.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Im so glad hp has recognized the homebrew community, and hope they dont forget it once webos blows up huge...
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    same here nimer55, .... I just checked the post I did on engadet that said essentially the same as this post, from yesterday and of course, down ranked into oblivian lol ( I doubted the mighty iphone and the heroic android in a single post lol)
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    Agreed, most consumers won't root or customize the phones, but if I want to I should be able to. With that I know that I won't get support or maybe even warranty coverage.
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    long live homebrew! and palm
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    I really don't understand Motorola here, and I wish the marketplace would punish them for this, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I don't like Android from a UI perspective and from the way "things are done" in Android (you know what I mean) but from a purely 'ideological' perspective, Android is awesome and deserves its frontrunner status.

    Android is open. That's what makes it awesome. Droid X is closed.

    Some people will defend it. I've noticed a pronounced trend this decade of people choosing 'security' over freedom no questions asked. Not sure if it's a good trend.
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    +1 to Homebrew
    +1 to Palm

    Let's hope HP sees the value of the community that loves +ebOS and open systems!

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