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    Am I missing something or does having to refresh a web page that I have open in a card defeat the whole purpose of multitasking.

    I had 3 web cards/pages open along with my email, and my todo classic app. I answered a call, hung up. went to view my cards and all 3 of my web pages/cards were greyed out? no way to figure out what card to go back to unless I maximized each one which would then have to reload.

    Made me think what's the use of the multi-tasking card concept?

    Works fine with apps but web pages to put it bluntly suck!
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    this happens to me occasionally. I think it has to do with the Pre clearing out the memory for other apps. Thus, when you go back to the browser pages, they're no longer resident in memory.
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    Yes, like cr_8_tiv said, It's only happening because your Pre is running out of memory. It's less of an issue on a Pre Plus because of the extra RAM. The email and classic app take up lots of ram too.

    Some of the experimental kernels help with this problem, you may want to look into that.
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    The Browser patch: No Auto Refresh After Idle, may fix your issue.
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    Do you have this patch installed?
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    I have that patch and i still get my browser cards refreshing
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    I have the UberKernel with compcache set to 32MB. I can open 7-8 browser cards and a few apps without that happening. It's definitely a memory issue IMHO.
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