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    We have all heard of Apple's policies against its homebrew community. I mean, the difference in the relationship oozes even from the words used to describe that community. They are "jailbreakers."

    Even though Google is far friendlier to its homebrew community, there are some manufacturers (like Motorola) who feel that in making devices for the "consumers" must alienate the developer community.

    ...But this is not the case with Palm, and we have known so for quite some time. But what has inspired me to write this topic (when we know there is a history of good relationships between Palm and the community) has been the latest saga with webOS 1.4.5.

    We saw it begin to trickle out to some carriers and nations, and many of us elsewhere in the world became excited to get the update ourselves.

    But...for some reason...the update did not come. And it seemed like we were all being left out to dry.

    This wasn't so, of course. Instead, Palm had noticed a bug in the over-the-air update process and, like a responsible company, was trying to figure out the best way to proceed to provide the best experience both to the consumers (all of us) and the app developers who rely on the PDK.

    From what little reading I've done, I can understand some of the pressures here. Perhaps you're already familiar, but I didn't know this until recently -- when Palm wants to release a new update, it has to be certified by the carriers. That's how we could find out that, for example, 1.4.5 was going to be delayed for AT&T in the first place -- because it's the carriers who get the ultimate say.

    So, I can understand the dilemma for Palm...Could there be a way to fix the bug in 1.4.5 without requiring another certification process from carriers? Unfortunately, no.

    So, what to do? Palm had already let time pass by in trying to figure out a solution. If they went on to (for example), then we would have to wait even longer!

    Yet, from that last message, we saw that Palm decided that it would be best to release 1.4.5 and not delay any further. And so here comes 1.4.5!

    ...but it seems that this 1.4.5 would simply have a bug. An unfortunate compromise.

    But here is where the homebrew community comes to save the day. I was impressed to see, after unwiredben's post, a post from Rod Whitby already noting a solution -- the Emergency Fstab Fixer.

    Since this solution comes from homebrew, it doesn't require the red tape of a new certification process, but it should completely resolve any issues. So, I think this is just one instance of many showing how the positive relationship between homebrew and Palm bears forth fruit continually.

    I for one like what I see and hope that as Palm moves forward with HP, we can see more synergy here and elsewhere!

    EDIT: hehe this probably should be moved to "General webOS Chat." I'm such a bad poster!
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    Yes. It certainly shows that Palm's attitude is mutually beneficial.
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    He said tween!

    Nice write up..
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    tru dat. an example of hamstrung homebrewing for android is the misguided backflip and the restrictions at&t had around the android app market...
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    ^yeah, I don't know why AT&T hates android so much, haha.
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    now we discover that motorola/verizon have something going on to stifle homebrew.

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