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    <sarcasm> I'm seriously considering making the switch, damn palm step up yo game! I mean all this new api, developer relation and making a new device stuff is all bullcrap! I want ma fancy matrix background! </sarcasm>
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    You're making phone platform choices based on who has an animated background? Different strokes I guess.....

    I hope they don't bother with this. Sounds like another way to eat up battery life to me.
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    please get a droid so palm won't spend cycles on this...
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    random thought, I want a pdk app that you can stretch a picture of someones face, like in the beginning of super mario 64
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    Truth is the animated wallpapers in Android really cause lags - they also affect battery life. But I hear ya, it's nice to be given the option.
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    I don't want fancy water animated bg on my phone.
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    ya, it was a sarcastic post. I'd prefer more geeky stuff than eyecandy to be added to the platform
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    We need a <sarcasm/> tag, it's pretty hard to tell when people are being serious
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