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    Call me dumb, but I was just wondering this... Does having a dark theme with a black wallpaper reduce drain on the phone? Well obviously less complex graphics = less ram usage = less battery consumption, but does it mean when you have the screen turned on it would use less power because the screen isn't putting out so much brightness? I know turning the brightness down could achieve the same effect but I'm just curious to learn.
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    Only on OLED devices will it save battery life because it doesn't take energy to keep it black. That's why when Sony Clie VZ90 came out, their user interface was mostly black.
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    dito on the OLED vs TFT

    less complex graphics does only need less space in compressed format (like jpg). In decompressed form, as needed to actually display it, the space needed depends on the display size and color depth, so it's the same for all background images.

    The power needed by RAM likely depends on the total amount of RAM built into the phone and to the usage in terms of read/write operations per time. But it's completely independent from the amount of RAM actually considered "used" or "free". So, even if less complex images would need less RAM for display, it wouldn't affect the power consumption of the memory itself.
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    For sure using a black background instead of white saves tons of power on AMOLED screens. I Google using on my phone to save precious battery juice. There's an explanation on it at

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