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    Does anyone know how to reorder the email accounts without deleting them all and adding them in the correct order? My primary email account is listed last, but I would like it to be first in the list.
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    not sure there is another way. Removing and readding is not a big deal. I've had to do it a few times, and never lost anything. Depending how you setup your accounts, the emails remain on the server, so you dont lose anything. If you have any with POP3 settings, then removing them wipes out all your messages.
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    Click email icon then 1. drop down top left and tap preference & accounts 2. Scroll to acct, touch & HOLD, then move it up to top....
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    Thanks RoverNole! I had the same problem.
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    Np, I was experiencing the same fate as you guys and after playing around for a while, I stumbbled upon this solution. I was like dang, that was
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    I thought I tried that already with no success, but when I tired it just now it worked. Guess I was doing something wrong. Thanks!
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    lol i know what you mean RoverNole, the same happened to me when I first got my Pre pLus. I was trying to figure out how to delete some web page icons from my quick launch list... Silly me

    Thanks for that tip, I never knew that.
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