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    ok I'm a little upset about the video app. Here's what happened. I went and did some editing (uploading to facebook) and came back to delete the edits of the orignal video. While swiping the edits (3 in total) I accidentally included the orignal video. When I saw this I tapped cancel....all deleted except the last edit....***. Luckily it was backed up on a computer. So I did some testing.... I made more video edits (3-5 per video) and went to swipe multiple edit vid for delete. When I hit cancel it would delete vids (i had 3 vids or more in a group delete) and randomly keep the last edit or the orignal vid. Puzzled?????? Can anyone validate or has anyone had this issue?
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    This sounds like a potentially major bug and I'd recommend reporting it directly to Palm here along with your device, firmware and carrier info.
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    ok done. I also have repeated this 4 more times and same results. mhopefully it's just my has been a little testy lately.

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