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    Phil Mckinney keynote graphic: Lets figure it out.Richness to reach mobility

    If you read precentral mobilebeat 2010 keynote front page you will find an interesting graphic as well

    Lets figure it out:

    Would be interesting to share your point of view about the graphic Phil Mckinney made in the MobileBeat 2010 keynote.(attached herewith)

    Apparently he is just showing what is in the world gadget now with richness and he is trying to reach to the mobilty world. By the other way 2 arrows are pointing right in the middle of the graphic, sorrounding the above ebook gap and writing slate.

    Is he thinking to bring all those richness services to the mobility reach of just part of it, to a webos device???
    What do you think?
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    SUMMARY: Phil Mckinney words at the MobileBeat 2010

    how HP is looking at device form factors?
    way we think about form factors- there's really two tradeoffs
    two dimensions

    Reach (think of it as mobility). How mobile is that experience
    how rich of an experience can you have with it. It's not just screen size or performance, it's the overall total richness
    ex TV has very high richness, very low mobility

    other extreme is a flip phone, basic featurephone
    Desktops, laptops, smartphones
    but there is a gap between smartphones and notebooks
    Netbooks filled that gap
    that gap is a kind of Dead zone
    ex some netbooks with 7" screensize were failures
    Categories have predetermined expectations
    what are going to be the new successful products to fill gaps

    larger than a smartphone, smaller than a netbook
    do you come down from a PC, do you come up from a smartphone?
    ebook readers are in that space and successful because they don't get compared to desktops or smartphones
    Slates are also successful in that category
    What I say slate, I refer to the CATEGORY, no the product. "I'm not making an announcement"
    how many devices is the average person going to carry?
    average user will carry 2

    There are going to be a whole range of devices in that gap
    need a whole range for each user to pick what their two devices are
    for some people it might be a feature phone, slate, desktop
    others will be smartphone, laptop
    points out the HP Airlife - mininote with 20 hours of battery life, 93% keyboard

    How do I get "off the line" between the rich / mobile spectrum and create something that does BOTH
    This is why we did the Palm acquisition
    want richness of applications and app community
    new appreciation for the community
    app dev community
    Homebrew community

    He's known as the gadget guy
    needs something to show off
    can't fit a 50" display in your pocket
    HP is working on flexible displays
    mylar film
    printing display on mylar
    continuous roll manufacturing
    can make 50 foot display, 100 foot display, whatever
    these are the kinds of display technologies that will change what we think of form factors in the future

    both with Palm and more mainstream products
    are these the kinds of displays you roll up and stick in your pocket?
    no, not in the first gen
    already has kinks, bends, even though he's carrying it around in protective tube
    does allow you to, say, cover a desktop or wallpaper a wall
    it's a full color, bi-stable, similar to eink, but does full-60hz video display
    ultra-thin, ultra-light, plastic displays will make us re-think form factors completely
    That wraps up Phil's introductory comments

    Q&A time!
    Rich Wong comes up to facilitate the Q&A
    take Palm over two years with cost and their spend rate, could be $2 billion
    why? why not android or windows
    from HP's perspective, our interest is the fact that when you look at success, it's about end to end experience
    it's about to being able to control entire experience stack
    if we wanted to win in the mobile phone space, we needed to do a build vs buy analysis

    If you look at the design of webOS, there's nothing out there that matches up to the capabilities that webOS brings to the table
    Palm is not like a traditional investment for HP
    we're investing more, putting more money into R&D and marketing
    organization stays in place
    Getting the benefits of HP, stability, size and scale behind Palm

    Q: community is excited, talk to them and why they should stay excited. Especially developers, why develop for webOS?
    from a standpoint of HP's size and scale, HP products are sold though 88,000 retail outlets
    #1 tech partner for all tier 1, tier 2 wireless operators
    it's not just about the phones

    we will bring webOS to alternative products
    Slates (but not THE slate, not making an announcement)
    Printers too

    Q: Flash vs HTML5
    prior to acqusition, Palm said they'll bring flash, we have nothing new to bring to that. HP has a strong relationshiph with Adobe

    Q: What about HP's relationship with microsoft? Google?
    you'd have to ask microsoft their perspective
    we're the largest PC manufacturer in the world
    great relationship with Microsoft. working with them on future platforms. Windows has its segments of the market
    When you get into mobile phone segments, we felt we needed to control the end-to-end experience

    Q: A lot of scars dealing with carriers for people who have been around in this industry. How has the power of the ecosystem changed? Carriers still in charge, still have the power? Handset makers?
    Like any industry that goes through shifts, pendulum swings. Carrier control to handset controls
    gotta have a balanced ecosystem. All players need to be able to get value

    where is webOS on the open / controlled scale?
    If you look at it today, at homebrew guys and gals
    phenomenal innovations on top of webOS
    swings closer to more open, but ability to drive consistency and architecture
    easiest platform out there to make applications for
    want to encourage innovations

    Q: could you imagine licensing webOS to other manufs?
    Won't hypothesize, will get me in all kinds of trouble
    We did just close on the deal 10 days ago, we're not long enough in to make future predictions

    Q: What's the focus: business or consumer?
    we don't think of it as commercial vs consumer
    in the broader context of IT space, you see "consumerization of IT"

    consumers, users, want to bring those techs into our day-to-day work environment
    CIOs need to change how they think of devices
    causing a huge transformation in the enterprise space
    what you're going to see over the coming years is the collapse of commercial vs consumer - instead will be what are the right tools for productivity

    for webOS, it's about being the best device
    and then let's win in the marketplace

    Q: HP has huge access to enterprise. Why not take advantage of that?
    Don't misinterpret - the benefit that we bring is the size of our salesforce. 171 countries. We're everywhere a company can legally be. We're going to take full advantage of that reach
    What I'm focusing on it who makes the buy decision? It's really, how do you make the best device that that individual wants to use

    Q: Neither Google or Apple has the same business or consumer reach that HP has.
    Q: So no phone getting pulled out of pocket (Phil pulls out Pre and Pixi), but.... some sense of when we will see the next wave?
    We're not going to preannounce products
    What I can tell you is HP is making investments into the Palm organization
    Additional dollars for R&D, Marketing
    to scale Palm appropriately
    part of that scale is investing in the roadmap
    from my perspective in having been involved with the whole team at Palm, they've got some great plans and some great things coming, so stay tuned
    that's it, folks!!

    COMMENT: I made this summary from his keynote

    IMHO The next Palm smartphone goes to be made like a phone/tablet and we will have webos in slates, printers and new form factors. Will see.???

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