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    Quote Originally Posted by Krab19 View Post
    I am staying with my Pre until any new WebOS hardware comes to Bell, if not then i am holding my Pre for the rest of my contract :P
    you just made me realize that even when the time comes for Palm to reveal the new linup, I have to wait for it to trickle down to Bell...

    if history teaches us anything, that could take a while

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    (IMHO) I guess I don't get the upgrade itch like everyone else, my Pre+ is great and I don't feel the need to impose an Apple tax on my life (and never really liked Android). Yes, it would be nice to Skype (but it would also be nice to have a $reasonable$ data plan); I like my apps and my phone. Haven't had any real serious problems so am happy where I am. Hoping to see new phones soon (it would be really cool), but have no idea when that may (or may not) happen.
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    Love Webos but i wish i had something to look forward too.... Will most likely get an htc wp7 if Palm doesn't announce anything by then
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    Not suffering from ADHD, i'm perfectly happy with my phone and how webOS is progressing. The Pre isn't perfect by a long shot, but I knew that before I became an early adopter of rev.A hardware of a first-generation system. Seriously.

    webOS is a dream to use, even if it's still suffering from a few childrens' diseases. So far, none of them have really affected me, and webOS IS a work in progress - as it progresses, my Pre progresses. There's only so much that software can do, of course, and some new features will require new hardware.
    But unless the new Palm phone actually has an app that builds me an island and then f*cking turns into a jet and flies me there - I'll hold out on new hardware until my 2-year contract is up in 10/2011, and either get the newest webOS phone that fits me best then or, if something's around the corner, wait for that.

    But unless Android really revamps into a beauty with 3.0 and Palm really screws up everything despite their new money and resources - two things that i both doubt - I'll be on the webOS ship if you need me. I may even throw lifelines to some of those that jump.
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    While there is webOS,
    i'll be using it!
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    I'll stay tuned until my phone breaks. Hopefully by then there will be a slate and an updated phone. I'm finding I don't touch my laptop at home unless there's an emergency. Seems like I'm doing less work at home, I'd always do a little work when I had to pull my laptop out of the bag to check meeting invites and emails.

    The Pre checks emails and exchange calendar for me so I can just quickly look at them to see if I need to respond to something immediately and plan the next day. The Pre is much easier to rely on for me than my 680, because of synergy and the browser doesn't suck like blazer did.
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    I wish they would at least trickle information on new hardware

    with all the new android phones coming and even iphone rumors and such it would be nice to know there is something to look forward to.

    i will admit i am a hardware spec guy so hearing about it would make me tempted to wait

    otherwise i will most likely jump ship to android since iphone is a bit too locked down
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    I'm in for the next few months. I am a OneNote fan (not to be confused with EverNote) and will be watching what new hardware Palm comes out with compared to Windows Phone 7 with OneNote access. I will have to compare the features and strengths of the available phones at that time to see what direction I'll go next.

    Hoping for a strong Palm/WebOS contender!
    My frustration w/HP best characterized by Col George Taylor.
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    @NachoB - that's first class writing dude! mind if i tweet this? its hilarious!
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    It's not mine (very popular joke, many different variations of it, google it). This thread reminds of that, people not happy with what they have or they have the microwave/fast-food mentality (I call it) of give it to me now.
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

    HOW TO: Zip/Unzip via Pre/Pixi using Terminal
    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
    Palm Pre wallpapers
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    back to the topic, i will stay tuned as long as it takes!!
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    I just got my pixi minus early last month, so I can't complain too much. I'd just like to be updated a bit more.
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    People like my phone more than I do. I don't mind it, but I've had issues with Preware and stuff, while on my iPhone, the unlocking and customization is effortless. Overall, I like Sprint because of the bill cost. It's just too affordable to say no to. I am more than likely going to stick with my Palm until Christmas time, hoping for a new release OR another worthy phone. That's if I don't peel and get the Evo. I played around on my friends, which was already jailbroken, and it was phenomenal.
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    hmm.... well that Motorola Droid X is tempting me now.

    ughh... I hope HP/Palm announce a new phone soon
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    I just wish there would be even a hint or a little trickle of info about what might be coming down the road regarding new hardware. I love WebOs but I'm rapidly loosing my will to wait. There is a constant stream of new phones being released by everyone and there brother...and news from Palm? Nothing ...not so much as a peep.

    I'm starting to look at the Evo pretty seriously. My year old Sprint Pre is starting to loose it's luster pretty rapidly
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    there are two things that seem to define a great smartphone nowadays: apps and marketing. it should be very clear that HPalm is trying to jumpstart the former before they concentrate on the latter, what with the PDK promotion and all. once HPalm can prove to themselves that they can compete with the other app stores, they will introduce a new handset and market the hell out of it. i guarantee it. but unfortunately it seems all about the apps these days.. even though i have no complaints with the current Palm offerings.

    to answer the question, i'll be sticking with Palm/WebOS for the foreseeable future. i absolutely love my ATT Pre Plus. i have played around with several Android handsets and CANNOT get past the utilitarian/bloated/clunky feel of them. in fact it is beyond me how this platform has seen so much success. if the muscle of the world's largest tech company wasn't behind it, i highly doubt people would be flocking to it the way that they are.
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    But it is behind it, and they are. Similarly with Apple, if the percentage of Apple fans (and when you think back all of ten years ago, Apple was basically a fandom) among journalists and other multipliers weren't so high, and Apple not so hip, they wouldn't sell.

    Now, of course, if Palm wasn't that company that builds the Pilot, right?, they'd sell more units (the impending huge, earth-rending image campaign will look to change this), and if Samsung had any sort of appealing brand image at all, I could totally see Bada as a serious contender in the platform war. I don't think that anything can help Samsung though.

    Don't forget that Android's appeal is its openness, and its UI shortcomings are probably going to be whittled away at by former Palm talent, to boot.
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    Until December of next year, if nothing has come out by then, I'll be getting my upgrade to Android. But that's a good year and a half away from now.
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    I've finally given up on Palm, am getting the Epic tomorrow.
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