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    Just switched to evo but Im keeping my eyes open for new palm hardware. If they don't put something out equal to the quality and design of an iPhone or at least EVO then I have no interest. The hardware components are available so I'm not compromising any more.
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    I'm staying with it at least through my contract with Verizon.. after that, i'll see. WebOS is great, ahead of iOS in my opinion, but Palm needs a high performance slab phone to keep me around.

    I'm as optimistic as anyone.. but the market is talking, and it's saying to Palm "if you're not moving forward, you're falling behind."
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    I though I'd switch my wife over to something else this weekend after she's had it with her busted Pre and eligible for a full upgrade.

    We spent about 45 minutes with the salesperson who went over her options and demoed the different phones and OSes. The phone she likes the most: the Pixi. Didn't care for the Evo or Moment...androind was just too complicated and too much like windows mobille... the BB was meh and already had two winmo phones so those were not even considered.

    The only drawback on the Pixi was the 2mp camera. In the end, they agreed to give her a replacement Pre and she's happy that her phone works again...I'm happy that I didn't waste her upgrade while we wait for the next webOS device.
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    I am happy with my Pre. I haven't seen anything else that appears to be any better than the what I already own. Overclocking has improved the user experience. I can wait until HP comes out with something new.
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    I love the Pre. But I'm having trouble with my touchscreen. And I don't want to get another Pre and use my upgrade if there's a possible new Palm device in the future. I had the HTC Evo 4G for about a week. To be honest, I loved the phone, I loved Sense UI, hated Android. I really missed the multitasking like webOS does it. I missed Preware. I missed having less than 4000 apps. (Android has soooo many spam apps) So I returned it and came back to my wonderful Palm Pre. But I want a new phone. I will probably give Palm until about a month after the Samsung Epic 4G comes out and than I will make the switch and try that out. But Palm needs to hurry and make a new phone.
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    I used the Evo 4G for 3 weeks on my primary line and ended up moving it to a different number in our 3 line family plan just to use the tethered 4G/3G Wifi (the third line was originally setup with a Treo 700p strictly for USB tethering -- I'm on the road half the year). It was refreshing to have all the apps I've been lacking on the Pre that iOS and Android already enjoy (Shazam, a decent Evernote, etc), but at the end of the day I never really enjoyed the Android OS, and though I loved the screen size for video and browsing, it was just too dang big.

    Putting the Pre back on the primary number and using it after a few weeks was like a breath of fresh air (even with the ludicrous memory issue and laggy performance). The UI is simply more elegant than Android's, IMO, and I loved being able to pocket my phone easily again. Had HP not acquired Palm, I would have been very worried about the future of WebOS (if that is such a thing to even worry about), but now I have no problems staying tuned.

    Had I not had the third line for the tethered Wifi though, I'd have to make a hard choice about which phone to stick with, as mobile broadband tethering is essential for me, and hotel wifi being useless or unreliable more than half the time. I would likely have been forced to drop the pre and stick with the Evo.

    It's obvious that it's in HPalm best interest to kick out some new hardware to stay competitive sooner than later. And that microphone API is way overdue now, too.

    I actually hope new Pre hardware stays the same size - I prefer it to the Phone/Evo. Maybe they'll make three form factors - Pixi/Pre/Evo-esque slab.
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    at least till the end of this year. If VZW gets an LTE iPhone I might jump ship.
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    Until I am bored and want something new to play with.

    Govnah and UberKernal have made this thing fun enough again for me for a while though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    ...the TMC will still often come up with compcache solution...
    Install the Reboot Scheduler to have your phone do a nightly reboot. It's very convenient!
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    Some people I don't understand. They stick with these mediocre phones instead of staying with the Pre. The only reason I'd see people leaving the Pre is for hardware issues, which is understandable if you don't know how to hold onto your phone or anything.

    webOS is a great smartphone platform, and the community keeps it moving when Palm doesn't. If you don't like the phone, go get something else. Chances are you'll probably complain about how stupid it is because you've gotten so used to the better platform. I'm sticking with webOS for a long time. If there's nothing even like announced by the end of this year, which is highly doubtful, then I don't know what I'll do. Developers need more to work with, which Palm has said that they're opening up APIs in the Fall. Hopefully a lot more is announced.

    I am slightly disappointed that nothing was announced except a rolly screen. Not my style. I want a new smartphone.
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    I need a skype mix update for sure. I paid full price for my Pre and I'm very happy with it.
    I could buy a new phone but nothing appeals to me more than the Pre right now. If Nokia's new N9 came out with ATT bands I would buy it if it were better than the Pre with a not too huge EVO size screen. Phones are getting too big these days.
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    As I've said before, I don't have any sense of loyalty to Palm or WebOS that would make me stay with my Pre if there is something better available.

    Right now, on my carrier (Sprint) there simply isn't anything I want more than my Pre. So even though I'm already eligible for an upgrade I don't feel a NEED to "Jump Ship".

    However, if something comes out on Sprint that I want more than my Pre, I'll get it. It's as simple as that. Whether that something be in the form of a new WebOS device or not.

    So my decision to stay with my Pre has nothing whatsoever to due with hardware release announcements, or lack thereof.
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    IMHO I think they have come over with something to blow our imaginations something beyond what is up now , blowing the standards and go tuned with a mobile convergence worldwide. Then you will make a line for buying the new Pam webos smartphone with a webos tablet and with ...........

    Maybe I am just dreaming
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    I'm staying on board. I'm a new Pre user (about a month) and I can only think of a few of my needs that aren't yet met - voice memos, skype, video calling/video voicemail (mic & cam api's). Swype would be nice too....

    Hmm, can't think of much else, but I'm stoked that by the time I'm ready to get a new phone (breakage or old age) there should be a new H/Pre available! Can't wait!

    Long live HomeBrew!!

    BTW, it's the community and the open nature of webos that made me an instant Pre fan and I intend to be loyal to show that I appreciate the great job they've done!
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    i love webos and i dont like android, if something isnt out by the time the new windows phone comes to sprint tho i may jump, i am a nerd and i need to have a new gedget to mess with, that is the requirement the pre no longer fulfills for me
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    My upgrade date is September, so until September to announce a new device. Then it's fair game as I look around at the competition, particularly the Epic...hope it doesn't come with that stupid $10 charge and you can put SenseUI on it, though.
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    I love my webOS. My husband and son however, recently got EVOs, and I have to say, wow- that phone is loaded. It comes with so many things on it that I can't even get with patches for my Pre. Again, I love webOS, and because of this, and my long history with Palm devices, I am holding on to hope that the next device out will at least come close to what the EVO has right now. But since I am currently on my 4th Pre, due to extremely poor hardware issues, I really hope they can at least tell me what is in the works for the new phones, so that I can make an informed decision when my current one breaks. (and yes I said when, not if- it breaks.) I really want Palm and webOS to succeed, and I will hold out as long as I can, but a little preview of what's in store would sure make the waiting feel less tentative.
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    I am eying the new HTC EVO primarily because of the WiFi Hotspot capabilities and also because of the camera capabilities. I'm dragging my feet making a move but will not wait long. I expect that HP will concentrate on WebOS for a tablet and not for phones. Also, HP is noted for the awful reliability of their laptops, so I suspect there will not be a big emphasis on quality from them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    My upgrade date is September, so until September to announce a new device. Then it's fair game as I look around at the competition, particularly the Epic...hope it doesn't come with that stupid $10 charge and you can put SenseUI on it, though.
    Sense UI is an HTC thing and as far as the $10 extra fee, if you have that phone, you'll be paying it. It's a 4G phone so have to pay it.
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    I really just want something to get leaked at this point. There has been nothing of excitement since 1.4

    Palm, its time to give the loyal users something to look forward to
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