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    I am on my original Pre and am sticking with it - with the overclocked uber kernal and govnah working well, the phone is doing great and while it would be nice to know what is around the corner, I am not willing to jump to the Iphone or Droid. If my Pre belly's up for some reason, I'd probably get a Pre Plus since I made the investment in time and energy to this platform. Big ****** here.

    UOTE=abegee;2551094]as developers and users, how much longer are you going to stick around waiting for new devices, I'm giving Palm 30 days and if by then they havnt announcedanything decent, I will be jumping ship, what about you guys, a week a month a year???? How long are you coing to wait?[/QUOTE]
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    My problem is the hardware quality of the Pre. My first one lasted 11mo before they had to replace it with a refurb. It was a day 1 Pre. The one I got oreos about as much as my first one did after 9 months. I'm worried it'll konk out before a replacement is out.

    Which means, I'd like to not buy another Pre with my yearly phone credit. And I doubt they'll be on ebay for $50. So... Palm has until my phone breaks to release something, or else I'm going over to Android. I'm already a heavy Google user, so the very tight integration is very tempting (esp google voice) but I'll wait until my phone ceases to function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    When I brought my Pre I signed a 2 year contract but it's 2010 and I'm sure nobody keeps a phone that long. If I had the cash to 'jump ship' I would of but Palm not paying us to stay but they better hurry up! So until the holiday.
    That's a good point, but I still think the vast majority of people stay on their phones for 2yrs, unless it breaks. The small minority on these and other enthusiast forums are a very skewed reflection IMO.
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    Staying till the cows come home. No need for me to change anytime soon. Pre does everything I need it too and then some.
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    I don't 'need' video chat, I don't 'need' VOIP... The Pre does incredible for me. I also have a Droid Eris on VZW and I cannot stand Android -it is clunky to navigate and options/settings are timely to get to. I enjoy the ease-of-use of webOS and it's AMAZING ability to multitask.

    Yes, I've overclocked it so it is snappier, but that's because I have the BEST homebrew community that has EVER graced technology! I don't void my warranty by 'hacking' it with homebrew patches (even tho, yes, I probably am voiding with overclocking -but that's i choice I make!) -iPhone & Android VOID it for doing ANY 'homebrew' activity -and that's IF you don't brick it from the jailbreaking!!!

    No, I'll stick with Palm. I'm patient. I'm loyal. I know something is coming -and I am excited to see that peak over the horizon.
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    Stay tune probably means that will announce something 6 months from now, which will be released 3 months later. So I would expect a new Palm Pre announcement at CES this January and expect shipments in March 2011.
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    Well until September when I'm eligible for an upgrade through Premier I couldn't care less if they announce anything or not. I'll start "worrying" then.
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    Ill stay because I'm only 4 months into a 2year contract with VZW. Not to mention I do not have the money right now to upgrade; and honestly the phone does everything I want and need it to do. Especially considering that I'm over clocked and patched to hell and back.

    That being said, the tech gadget freak in me is still disappointed that we didn't get an news today about new hardware. So Ill be around but I'm not holding my breath.
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    I've had my phone since June 2009. My pre works fine, but it has some scratches, a couple of cracks along the edges and the usb door is missing. Palm sent me a new one, but it didnt have an anchor on it, so I've lost it too. Call me vain, but I don't want to let some one use my phone when it is all beat up, and I don't get the enjoyment one gets out of having a pristine device. All I want to know is how long it is going to be for a new device so I can decide whether or not to pay 100 for a replacement, or, should the phone die, if going back to my treo 755 would be the better bet.
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    I will hang around till January, thats when I can upgrade. Hopefully by then Palm will have a new device out. If not, I will probably have to leave, even though I love Web OS. My wife is getting the EVO in August, if she can find one. So im sure she will be pressuring me for to get one, so we can video chat when im traveling. I hope Palm comes out with at least a comparible device.
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    I will hang on until the end of the year. If there is news of a new device then I will hang on until then.
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    I just want....
    • Longer battery life
    • Bigger screen/Higher resolution
    • Faster

    Anything else will be a bonus (i.e. front facing camera, 4G, built in virtual keyboard, etc).
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    As a user, I'm locked in on my Pre until like next summer (unless I wanna pay full price for a new device) so I'm sticking with webOS.

    As a developer, webOS is everything I need and it's fun to develop for, so I'm sticking with it. If all the developers jump ship, then there won't be a platform anymore.

    Everyone freaking out right now is being ridiculous. How long was there only one Android device? How long was there only one iPhone? Android devices come out faster since the OS is licensed to other device manufacturers so you don't have one company designing, testing, and building devices. Apple came out with a new iPhone about a year after the original one, but Apple also didn't just merge with another company.

    Palm is one of the founders of the smartphone industry. Everyone employed by Palm is passionate about their jobs and the company. And from what I've seen since the acquisition, the same can be said about HP employees. You have to understand: buying a company isn't like buying a shirt, or even a car or a house. There's lots of money and paperwork and legal ramifications to consider. What intellectual property goes where, etc. I'm sure there are at least one or 2 new webOS devices being tested behind closed doors right now but development probably stalled right before the acquisition. Now that things have calmed down and HP is promoting the heck out of webOS, development can start up again and move forward.

    I can't see why anyone is worried: both Palm and HP executives have said, without hinting, that there are more webOS devices in development. It's not a secret. They've spelled it out. The acquisition happened like, what, 3 weeks ago? Let things settle a bit before you jump ship.

    I know as tech enthusiasts we expect things to happen quickly, but this isn't just about technology -- this is about business too and business often goes slowly.

    Just take a breath. My guess is by holiday season of this year, we'll see new webOS devices. That isn't far at all. And seriously, anyone who has a webOS device has only had it for, at most, 19 months. Do you really need to get a new phone that often? If so, man, I wish I had your money to burn!
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    I'm sticking with Palm/WebOs/HP for the foreseeable future.
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    First, I'll state the obvious -- I am a die-hard Palm fan. I have been since 2003. I have considered other devices, especially when I first got my Pre a couple of months ago, but I decided to stick with it. I am glad that I did.

    As a consumer, my Pre is feeling a little bit dated. But I am excited to see new apps and new games coming to the playing field. I am excited to see that there is a heavy focus on releasing software updates versus forcing users to update devices in order to get the latest software. I barely remember when you could purchase a PalmOS 3.5 device and then buy the PalmOS 4.0/4.1 update. That didn't happen for PalmOS 5 devices.

    As a developer, I am very excited with what is going on. Palm has been very on top of adding new features in for developers. Yes, some features could come faster (like microphone support in PDK apps ), but there are many great features, such as being able to run in the background, that have been an innovative blessing.

    Some know that I am working on a VoIP client for webOS (Mobile Life: mōVox (SIPper) - webOS VoIP - An Update), and I am very pleased that I am implementing it for the webOS platform. Given what I have seen so far, I think that the next couple of months will be very big for developers. I expect (hope?) to see a surge in usable apps here real soon.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I'm only 2 or 3 months into a 3 year contract. So I'm sticking around for a while. The Pre IS outdated and DOES absolutely need a hardware refresh. I'll consider a Pre again when my contract is up, assuming HP/Palm get off their backsides and actually make some new hardware that can compete (and beat) with the competition. Not impressed so far though - HP/Palm are far too quiet for my liking.
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    I typically keep a device 2 to 3 years if it continues to work. I was eligible for an upgrade in June, but my Pre still works. I don' t care if my phone is outdated.

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    Honestly? I have enough going on in my life that I need a smart phone, but not enough that I have to waste money changing my phone every 3-6 months. I am happy with my Pixi, it's not as beefy as the Pre but it does everything I want it to do and a little bit extra. Some day down the line I may consider an upgrade, but for now.. so long as they update the features I already have and improve them, I have no intention of jumping ship anytime soon.
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    I am up for a phone upgrade, but am happy where I am ATM. I use one of my apps a lot and don't see myself jumping ship unless I write a version for another OS which would involve looking into other API's and such. I also am not too impressed with what else is out there. I did find it funny that I recieved a call from Best Buy stating that my account was up for a phone upgrade the same day the EVO 4G was released. Sprint/Best Buy trying to tell me something?
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