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    ok so I dr'd my pre as is was getting sluggish and temperental.

    everythings all good now and it runs better than ever with all my favorite patches back in it and so forth.

    however! The profile backup for some reason appearently is an hr ahead??? Like a different time zone. Every single event in my calender starts exactly 1hr later than it's suppose to! Oh wait, nm the events I've logged since the dr are right! So I have no clue which are what.... I think I'm gunna have to do a palm chat tomarrow. Err ah today
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    ooh cool, they won't change if I try to change em too, fun. Is this anything anyone else has experienced????
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    well, they wouldn't change because they were palm desktop created.

    fun fact! Isn't it cute that you can set the calender to the day of the week your work week starts on, and yet it doesn't realize that when your setting an event that the altered week (which showes) is not the week it sets the events for!!!???!
    can I delete the calender app??? I'll just carry around my centro on airplane mode.

    I've had alot of gripes over the yr I've had the pre, and I must say...... Still waiting for PIM.
    I would rather have PalmOS PIM over 3d gaming myself, but damn it is fun. Maybe I should see if my old ipaq can still take a charge.

    don't get me wrong, I love my pre and webOS, but there are things that need to be addressed before hp tries marketing this to businesses.

    sure I've had the engadet app screw up on me a couple times, as many of us. I get the too many cards error, only with family guy guy though (wierd huh? Almost like it's got a mem leak? Runs better without it) other than that it's over clocked and awesome. But I'm just not ready for the full cloud experience myself. Why??? Because I can't access the cloud! If I could from a pc log into the profile and change stuff, I would be happy. I would be able to know *** is going on.
    yes I know there are ways to make it work, I just finished, the point is we shouldn't have to. I say we tell palm what needs fixin now that there is some $ to get it done.

    I can't see a company Legally allowing employees backing anything up to the palm profile. Maybe it will be different with the hp cloud. I know they do alot, with the clouds.
    Point is, I need a hard backup and as a contacts go I'm glad I have my contact cards filled out and synced with my email (so my phone does have em all and I have my multiple copies just in case) so maybe that's how palm thought it out too, maybe.
    but the calender??? What the crap, I just don't get why everytime I jump a timezone then come back all my appointments are off? I'm talking week later, and I go through multiple batteries a day. By the time I realize it it's too late, I have no clue what's right and what isn't. Guess I should just manage my calenders with my email cliets this what they had in mind? Don't rely on anything saving on the device? Just upload it and it's there? But where is it? Who can access it? Palm says they can't even access their palm profiles (but they can tell you which of the 2 backups is bigger)....
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    I recommend pocket mirror and outlook.
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    thanks, I have em lol, hadn't reinstalled em till this morning when I wrote ''yes I know there are ways to make it work, I just finished'' my point was that, why is the profile even an option if it's really just to manage feeds?
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    I must say thank you though, thank you to everyone who every recommended pocket mirror, it works. I've had it since right after it came out and it gets better and well works.

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