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    is there any way to change the mac address of my Pre?
    It seems that you can't do that with Busybox' ifconfig, am I right? Is there another way to do it?

    Thanks you a lot!
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    mac addresses are supposed to be hard coded to the device because it's identifying a physical device.

    I haven't seen any setting to spoof it. Any reason why you want to do that?
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    One such reason is that your hardware device can be identified by the mac address. say you are on a coporate wifi network that allows only the company iphones on, by ways of mac address filtering. And you want to use your pre on the network too. well, it needs a mac address that looks like an iphone address. Only other reason is if the OP wants to do something illegal or otherwise shady through WiFi, and wants to conceal the source, it could be changed to something random or to mimic another computer.

    Or, it could be changed to another mac address on the network, and it would act as a form of denial of service attack, as the network would just start dropping packets sent to the original computer.

    OP, if you are one who is experienced with linux, and have the knowhow to create optware, you could port a command-line based program called macchanger to the pre, and then you can spoof your mac address in 3 simple commands.(wlan0 down, macchanger --mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx wlan0, wlan0 up)

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    I understand why you would spoof the mac axdress, I guess I was thinking that you were talking about when it is serving as a hotspot, in which case it's on the carrier network...

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