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    Is this an error. Or is this a hint to a new HD Palm Device ?

    Speculate now !!!!!!!!!
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    Have you noticed the minimum OS is 1.4.5... Interesting
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    Is there a regular version too or just the HD, it could be some kind of error. Probably is
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    The only thing I'm guessing is they ported the iPad version to Pre because of the improved feature/controls maybe? Just because its HD doesn't mean it won't run at a lower resolution. Plus, HD is a buzz word and will drive people to re-buy it again.

    In my book, it's not really HD unless it runs at 1280x720. Neither the iPad or the iPhone is HD in my book. That's why I say HD is a buzz word in this case. It's used to get people excited.
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    Did anyone notice the "pixi" part?
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    I also noticed NFS was in the same Precentral feed recently as well a few days ago and had minimum OS 1.4.5, Most likely these are the Pixi version of these games that are already on the Pre and are to be released, whenever 1.4.5 is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post

    Did anyone notice the "pixi" part?
    very nice find!
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    Yeah I saw the Pixi part. It's just a copy for the Pixi that's all.
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    If you look at the screenshots, you'll see it shows up in the 320x480 size. That makes me think they went the easy way and are just scaling the app down for the Pixi. That could be why they are calling the Pixi version HD. (320x480 on a 320x400 screen scaled down to ~266x400)
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