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    Ever since I installed, my Pre loses connections, loses the EV signal, drops calls, and other similar annoying connection problems for both the phone and the web applications. Sprint gave me three new phones and on the last one installed 1.4 and it worked fine until it upgraded itself to Now I have the same problems.

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    Does anyone else have this or a similar problem? What has been done?

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    Nobody else has experienced this? Hard to believe.
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    I'm getting alot of this lately
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    Have you tried updating your network and PRL settings?
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    I had this problem with an earlier version, kept disconnecting data and dropping calls. Th final cause turned out to be that the I had too many emails in a Gmail account the phone was connected to, I really didn't think it would work when tech support suggested it but it worked. I did not delete the emails, just moved them out of my inbox to another folder in Gmail.

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