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    This is the first touch screen ddesktop os that seems really compelling and reminds me a bit of webos, check it out.
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    waaaaaaaaaay tooo cluttered webos is much more manageable than that
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    Wow, looks the way I want a netbook for webOS to work, fully functional
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    It does look reminiscent of the webOS card metaphor but as you put more and more fingers on the touchpad, manipulation of desktop is likely to become more complex than is practical for most users. This is where something like the minimizing up gesture of webOS might come in handy as a way of giving the user an easy way of interacting with the desktop.

    I also have to wonder about the size of the touchpad a scheme like this would require. I already routinely turn off my touchpad while I'm typing because I tend to accidentally move the cursor with the edge of my hand and wind up typing away in the middle of the paragraph. With a system like the one in the video, you would need a huge touchpad which you would be much more likely to accidentally touch.
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    Really nice idea, I'd love to see and feel it in action

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