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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Okay, first of all do you really think Google is purposely excluding WebOS? No. It's not some conspiracy to stop the rise of WebOS. The fact of the matter is, WebOS' browser isn't up to snuff and doesn't support a lot of the "standards".
    Exactly. Thank you. Listen up, all. I love WebOS as much as the next guy, but the truth is that our browser isn't as good as iOS or Android 2.1+. Plain, cold, hard truth. It doesn't support a number of protocols and the layout isn't always right. As a test, a friend and I changed the Pre's user agent to report an HTC Legend. Sure enough, youtube serves up the new fancy mobile site, but guess what, WebOS doesn't support the protocol to play the videos. Google didn't change YouTube to serve the new site to WebOS browsers because it doesn't work, not because they don't like us (that part may be true, though...).

    Com'on, Palm, we need improvements!
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    There are many sites where webOS would display perfectly, they just fail to acknowledge that webOS exists and thus, give it the mobile version.

    The geolocation feature was a minor part of buzz that didn't hold back the entirety of Buzz and after pressure, Google now redirects webOS users to the more appropriate mobile version of Buzz.

    And if there is a feature "missing", then we get Google to fess up as to what it is. But it's more likely Google didn't even bother to take the time to see or look at alternate solutions. Personally, I'm not trying to jump ship to Android or iphoneOS, so the options are either pressure Palm to fix what's missing or pressure Google to accomodate other phone platforms and given Google's history, the latter is what it's going to take more than the former as Google routinely acts like the phone doesn't exist.

    We can argue because it's because webOS is subpar or because its marketshare is laughable, but at the end of the day, if what we as users are left with is inferior support from major players, then it's stupid to continue to use webOS. If you're going to use webOS, you should try at all opportunities to get it recognized; otherwise, just admit the OS is crap, unworthy of note, and flush it. I don't want to do that, so if it's a problem, just scroll on and stop telling everyone to settle.
    In this particular case, Palm needs to update the browser. Once that happens, we can pester Google to add WebOS' user agent to the list of browsers to send the new site to.
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    Interesting article and mention of Google's plans for webOS mobile support in the works.

    "Currently, the new-look site is only accessible from handsets with HTML 5-compatible browsers, such as the iPhone and Android handsets, to be followed later by the Palm Pre. A Google spokesman told ZDNet UK that "using the latest HTML 5 techniques allowed us to build a fast and dynamic mobile application that feels like a native app".

    Here's the complete article:

    YouTube launches full-fat features for iPhone, Android | Mobile IT | ZDNet UK

    So hopefully they are right and things are coming. Sorli
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    clicked the link in the OP's post and it works fine ... even in landscape mode. Not running the spoof patch. But I have to agree that WebOS never gets the respect it deserves. c'mon Adobe
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    No, it actually doesn't work right. The 'new' version plays back videos without the aid of an external app, using only the browser and native video playback. Until that happens on the Pre, it's not working right.
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    Is there any way we someone could just patch this until Google gets it up and running on webOS? I tried the iphone user agent spoof... couldn't play videos. It's trying to play through MobileSafari's QuickTime/h.264 plugin, which webOS doesn't have- webOS, from my understanding, uses gstreamer instead. So maybe someone could make a patch to make the gstreamer framework in webOS identify itself as the quicktime plug from MobileSafari. Is it even possible?
    Also, why are we just trying to spoof the user agent into identifying as MobileSafari on iOS? The new mobile YouTube also supports Android. Could we try to spoof the Android browser user agent? Anyone have any idea how that could be done?
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    Yes we have a Youtube app, however, for anyone with an actual Youtube account that they use to upload videos, it becomes easy to see that the Youtube app we have is crappy.

    That's because it has no support for accessing your YouTube account. That means no easy access to your playlists, your favorites, your subscriptions and the app also provides no means for favoriting videos strictly in the app (to poorly compensate for not syncing with your account) nor does it provide means to read comments. Which yes, the comments generally suck, but the support should be anyway.

    The new Youtube mobile (hell, even the old one!) does provide support for logging in to let you see absolutely everything I just mentioned, as well as providing new abilities like thumbs ups video and create new playlists, view videos in HQ and so on. Basically, it now does everything the desktop version does.

    And actually, the iTunes spoof patch does not work with the new redesign. When you try to play a video, instead of directing you to the installed Youtube app, you get a pop-up asking your enable plug-ins in Safari settings. So actually, webOS users have no access to this redesign at all and are stuck using the "one step above crappy but still better than the native app" web version.

    I totally agree. My main gripe with the mini native Youtube app is that we can't access our accounts. The thing I don't understand is - about 6 months ago, I found that I could access my Youtube account on the Pre by going to the normal Youtube website. But now when I try to go to the standard web app, I get redirected to the mobile app which doesn't work on the Pre. Isn't there anyway to just access the normal Youtube sight on the Pre without ending up at the mobile site? I hate it when something worked originally and then we lose the functionality we had previously!
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