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    I dunno how often this comes up as a use case but it has happened to me a few times that it is beginning to get a bit unnerving.

    The situation is one where you're out and about and are listening to something (say a podcast using drPodder, or an MP3 using the remixed music player or ... you get the point) when you witness something that makes you think "that would be a cool picture". Say you're out on a leisure walk and you turn a corner and see some nice scenery; or you're sitting by the beach and decide to take a picture of your toes in the to post up to FB.

    This couldn't be simpler. webOS is a multitasking OS. Fire up the camera app, take a picture, go on with life. Alas these two tasks are apparently mutually exclusive. Apparently ever since the camera app learned how to take video it also learned that it should grab exclusive hold of the audio device even if it is in picture mode.

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior? What are your workarounds?
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    I've experienced the same thing, know of no workaround other than to pause whatever audio you're listening to.
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    Palm has logged this in its software issue tracking system. We endeavor to continuously improve our software quality and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are grateful to the community and will evaluate options based on customer feedback and software best practices.
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