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    I'm not talking about the phone itself, just the UI.

    I would have liked a stock virtual keyboard, but there's a patch for that! I think it would look cool if instead of the cards gliding up from the bottom, they came from the background or something. Maybe even a removal of the launcher icon, so the gesture area is more necessary. Just some minor things. There are probably more changes I would like, I just can't think of them now. Let me know what you would want!
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    I can sum up my thoughts like this: Bring it up to feature parity with the Treo/Centro.

    In terms of UI, I agree that the "iPhone eye candy" stuff would be fun, as long as it doesnt slow things down.

    I've also seen suggestions that in the "tiny card view" we should be able to have the cards arrainged in more than just a single horizontal line, and that a card could be minimized to the quick launch dock. Not sure I'd like that break in the paradigm, though.

    While they are at it, I'd like to see better user control of the quicklaunch bar, so I can have more than 5 icons, and so I can remove the launcher icon since it is redundant to just "swiping up". And the "add pages/name pages/navigate by page name" patches should totally be part of the core OS. Yes, it's a break in the UI paradigm, but it makes things sooooo much easier, especially for those coming from a palmOS device...
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    Just add about half of the most popular Patches to WebOS!
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    I would make the UI gpu accelerated. now x.x

    It should make a better overall user experience. I'm not sure if the browser is rendering with the cpu or gpu, but having that should make it leagues faster based on whats happening with desktop browsers.
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    Here is pretty much the same thread but this is from a Palm employee who is asking.

    Basically why not start with the patches that have already been tested?

    Why reinvent the wheel when there are so many great UI improvements that can be made just from the existing patches?

    Start with the easy things first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confusing View Post
    I'm not talking about the phone itself, just the UI.
    1. Scrollbars. (Not just for the browser, but for all apps.) Really annoying to keep scrolling and scrolling and have no idea how close to the end you are. If they are too obtrusive, then make them appear while scrolling and go away when not scrolling.

    2. Better card management. Allow the smaller cards to be tiled on the screen so you can see more of them at once. Allow cards to be squeezed together into a "deck" if desired.

    3. Better control of the cursor. 'nuff said!
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