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    Distimo's report: 34% webOS apps free. Average price: $2.45

    Distimo: 57% Of Android Apps Are Free Vs. 28% Of iPhone Apps

    As the report shows, apps are super cheap in the app catalog. Just bought a Glu Mobile game this weekend for $0.99. A 'full' game! To someone who's used to buying $40 DS games, that's crazy!

    BTW, wasn't there an article last month about how webOS users buy the most apps on average?
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    That really is a distant second when compared to Android Market.
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    also to keep in mind: this report uses data that was pre-50% price drop. the cost of apps (average) is actually much lower than that at the moment!
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    Well, there are still no Documents To Go for WebOS, car navigation for Europe (tomTom Navigator for instance) and other quite expensive software. Don't be happy, we can compare prices if such software will be present for WebOS
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    Cool to see my gut feeling was pretty close.

    When I was deciding where to put my personal development time I considered iPhone, Android and WebOS.

    My feeling was that iPhone has a huge audience, but a huge number of apps as well. I always tell people that no matter what I think of, "there's an app for that". Probably 50 apps already. The odds of anyone ever noticing I had produced an iPhone app would be low.

    My second choice was Android. It has a really big audience that is growing rapidly and fewer apps than iPhone. However it still has a heck of a lot of apps and my feeling from looking at their app store was that most were free. As a user I love free apps. As a developer, I like trading my work for small amounts of currency that I can spend for things like, well, lunch.

    That's when I decided on WebOS. Few apps comparatively, so I'm more likely to get noticed. Users who don't mind paying a little bit for an app every now and again, are ALWAYS attractive to developers.

    I also liked the idea of the developer contest that just finished, but I was too late to the party to take advantage of that one. I just got my app up in the catalog over the weekend. I've already made enough to cover lunch! I could even take my whole family if everyone orders from the dollar menu! (Nope, not quitting the day job...)

    Since I'm in the Books: Science Fiction category primarily (also Fantasy and Fiction), my main competitors are Jules Verne and HG Wells... I'll grant that they are better writers than I, but I have the advantage of still being alive in this century and aware of neato facts they lacked (like Mars not being inhabited by canal building aliens who *SPOILER ALERT* are very vulnerable to the common cold - I hope that doesn't impact Mr. Wells' sales!).

    I also very much appreciate the fact that it now costs me NOTHING to enroll in the developer program and NOTHING to publish an app in the catalog. I fear that this will encourage lots of spam apps, but the answer to that is simply an improved filtering, rating, and blocking system in the catalog app. I thought about writing a meta-catalog app myself that would include the web-distributed and beta apps as well, but I think somone else beat me to that punch (althought I haven't tried it out yet).

    That's enough rambling for now. Any more and I might start muttering about "those meddling kids" and their fancy iPhones and how they should stay the hell off my lawn!
    Original science fiction, fantasy and comics for WebOS - Galactic Beacon: Volume 1

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