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    hp labs is already getting in to the webos spirit. They have a prototype app called gloe, which is a location based mobile recommendation system. I know there are plenty available, and this isn't going to be exclusive to webos, but it's good to hear about apps being developed on webos and being ported or worked on other platforms later. Keep it up HP
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    that isn't hewlett packard, fyi
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    Hewlett Packard Labs - Gloe is a geo-tagging experiment from HP Labs that maps Web content to specific geographic locations. Gloe aims to provide a platform for location-based discovery of information for mobile Web users, a rapidly growing audience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    that isn't hewlett packard, fyi
    Yes it is, the CTO himself said they are having a little app competition for employees for a free phone.
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    my mistake
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    Chuq (Palm’s Developer Community Manager) confirmed this contest and the apps:

    Then the last illustration of Palm's Developer Videos also confirmed this when the CTO mentioned it. I'm excited at seeing how HP is already integrating WebOS into their plans.

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