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    Check out Rahul Sood's Twitter feed also. @rahulsood

    When people have mentioned Voodoo + webOS, he retweets it!
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    This is the Voodoo his is referring to:
    Voodoo: Performance Made Personal
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    they should change it to voodooOS_ or webVooDoo, or webDoo, etc.
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    hmm I like it voodoochild's OS
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    Voodoo/Palm webOS handheld gaming device with Unreal Engine FTMFW!
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    On Twitter someone asked @rahulsood if oven baking his Pre worked (he went swimming with it in his pocket).

    He replied: yes! Works perfectly now.

    She wrote back: Sent from an iPhone...hmmm

    He replied: ... an iPad, not an iPhone. I use an iPad ...for now.

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