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    How often do you Doctor your phone?
    for example everytime a new update release or something stop working.
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    I run a Doctor every time there is a firmware update and whenever I "brick" my phone due to experimenting with alpha software or experimental techniques. Which happens maybe once every two months.

    To be honest running WebOS Doctor is such a painless experience (particularly with the great OTA backup from Palm and the awesome Save/Restore app from WebOS Internals) that I don't really mind doing it.
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    I haven't needed to do it yet. But I'm running a stock Pixi too. I've had it since 2/1. I've been super busy at home and work and just haven't had time to mess with patching it yet. I am looking forward to a little vacation and I'll start tweaking then.
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    I have never Doctored my Pre Plus. No lockups - No reboots - No hardware problems.
    I love the phone!!
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    Over a year now and not once has my Pre had to see the doctor.
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    Every WebOS release! It's much cleaner that why! And I don't have to waste time figuring out issue with patches.

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    Still on my original Pre, have never doctored.

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