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    This morning I got an email from HP. I get them a lot as I own several HP laptops. But what really made the email stand out for me was that it contained a link to this page which is a new phone store populated chiefly by webOS phones. (They also have an iPAQ in there but it's off to the side in their "featured" section.) I guess it's not a huge surprise that HP would do this but it is nevertheless nice to see that HP is not merely absorbing Palm into its Borg Collective but also actively promoting it.
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    hmm they feel the need to make sure everyone knows they are the color black... New colors maybe?
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    Hi, I am glad to see they hit the ground running. Take care, Jay
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    It's interesting to note that they areagoing to still call it a palm and not an hp.
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    It's interesting to note that they areagoing to still call it a palm and not an hp.
    Well, they have a history of keeping brand names when they buy out other companies.

    Before they bought out compaq, both companies made PocketPC's. However, when they bought out compaq, they kept the ipaq name instead of the Jornada name.
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    If you look at the bottom of Palm's site it now says...

    " 2010 Palm, Inc., a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company."

    This makes me think they will retain the Palm brand.
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    Eh, call me a pessimist, but I wouldn't read too much into that page. There's a big difference between actively promoting/developing and simply continuing to sell an existing line. It's gratifying that they're not just unceremoniously killing it off, to be sure, but until they announce any new hardware development, I'm not going to get too excited.

    I'll admit, though, I do harbor hope that there's a nice HP iPad competitor running WebOS in the offing. Assuming they get the hardware right, I'd be all over that.

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