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    So I am looking to find what the one patch is that you would like to see incorporated into the next update. Note that doesn't necessarily mean any patches will be included in a future update. I am not privious to any said information.

    So here's the scenerio. You just got a phone call from an engineer at Palm (a subsidary of Hewlett-Packard) and are asked what one patch you would like to see included in the next update.


    Note as I mentioned before this does not guarantee or is not to be looked at as any patches being incorporated into a future update. I'm not saying they won't be, but not saying they will be.

    Edit. I will keep the main post in the thread updated. And will basically close the "poll" end of the month.

    4*4 icons - 14
    Virtual keyboard - 13
    Add/Delete pages - 13
    UberCalendar - 12
    Landscape email - 8
    Reduce Drag Radius - 8
    MSN (IM) - 4
    Delete from notification - 4
    Faster Card Animations - 4
    SMS tone per contact - 4
    Advance configuration for app launcher - 3
    Battery Icon as percent - 3
    Longer virbrating for SMS - 3
    Browser multi-mod - 3
    Time stamps in messaging - 2
    Replies forwards multi mod - 2
    Close slider to end call - 2
    Named pages - 1
    No alert during call - 1
    Gestureclick Context Menu - 1
    Read/delete all buttons in email - 1
    Toggle 3g in menu - 1
    Netstat daemon - 1
    undo last deleted SMS message - 1
    Notification repeater - 1
    chat history balloon color - 1
    Device Menu Megamix - 1
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    I use almost 40 patches to make my pre the way i want it, but to start i guess the simplest and oldest feature the pre doesn't have yet is landscape messaging and email.....
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    Virtual keyboard is definitely needed way before that
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    Advanced configuration for app launcher

    Plus if it was possible an option to select NxN launcher icons instead of the standard 3x3
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    Bin email from notification
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    Add Delete Pages/Wrap Location Field - sorry can't do one
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    It's so hard to decide...

    I'd have to say 'Faster Card Animations' (though 'Reduce Drag Radius 8px is a close second)
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    My needs are simple. Of all my patches, the one I miss the most when I am patchless is battery icon and percent.
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    Can i vote for my patches? :shy:
    Reduce Drag Radius (to something less than 25px)
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    Delete From Notification - add a delete button to the Email Notification.
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    Virtual keyboard.
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    I use over 50 patches to improve my Pre's functionality. If I was a PM for WebOS, I would evaluate the inclusion of the top 50 patches. If I must choose a single patch it would be e-mail and messaging in landscape mode. That capability should have been there day 1.
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    Well, despite not having any patches that I use anymore, there's a bunch I'd love to see incorporated, but if I had to pick one, it'd be some of the stuff included in UberCalendar.

    The calendar could still use a lot of work, and the UberCalendar patch helps it quite a bit. Or how about just an agenda view built in (wishful thinking, I know. :P)

    But yeah, there's about 30 or 40 that I would love to see included, not just one.
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    multiple pages/page names is high on the list, but with about 50 patches... I couldn't even narrow it to the "top ten"... almost ALL of them should be rolled in to the standard code so the homebrewers can start working on voice search, unlinked volume settings, and other stuff needed to reach parity with Centro/Treo...
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    - Landscape e-mail.
    - Reduce drag radius.
    - Close slider to end calls.
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    Named Pages patch is the first among equals....without it my pages look half done/disorganized and with it the Pre just appears more polished.
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    On Screen Keyboard
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    I need to check into patches more.

    Landscape email (to be really nice I'd like to see this in PDF and doc files too)

    I'm going to be a chicago voter and vote more than once so add:

    Bin email from notification

    and I'd like an easier way to delete PDF and doc files from my phone. If I can delete picture from my phone without having to plug it into my computer I should be able to delete saved files from my phone too.

    I don't know if UberCalendar has everything I would like in a calendar, I know I'd like to see a little improvement in that area too.
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    Either add/remove pages or change icon layout (I use 4x4)

    sorry for two, but these are the ones that affect my normal usage the most
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    Quote Originally Posted by alvaro_qc View Post
    - Close slider to end calls.
    Maybe as a setting, but this would be a ridiculous default.

    I start calls using Universal Search all of the time, but when I'm holding the phone up to my ear I prefer to have it closed because it's a little easier to hold and more comfortable overall. If my call hung up every time I closed the slider after initiating the phone call that would be less than ideal. I find that the big red hangup button works pretty well.

    Quote Originally Posted by milliman
    I use over 50 patches to improve my Pre's functionality. If I was a PM for WebOS, I would evaluate the inclusion of the top 50 patches. If I must choose a single patch it would be e-mail and messaging in landscape mode. That capability should have been there day 1.
    Including *all* of the top 50 patches? Madness. People who actually install 50 patches? Madness. Can you imagine what a major disaster of menus and settings and configuration sliders that would result in?

    The only patch that I have ever installed on my Pre is a force roaming toggle. Most of the other ones strike me as anti-features that are unintuitive and only serve to add additional clutter. I agree with landscape email and messaging, but again, only if it's something that the user can toggle. I read email while I am laying on my side quite a bit, and it's nice that I can do this right now without having the screen flop around.
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