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    My top patches are:

    Govnah Overclocking!!!
    4*4 icons - 1
    Add/Delete pages - 4
    Reduce Drag Radius - 2
    Battery Icon as percent - 1
    Date in Top Bar
    Enable Landscape Email

    I've tried and eventually removed many other patches over the past year; but those are ones I can't live without!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KallistiMan View Post
    Very difficult to answer.. Reading through the posts I got a suggestion for a patch I didn't have (the radius patch) which I am just installing and it also reminded me about patches I'm just taking for granted, such as the XbyX launcher patches.

    There are so many of the patches that should be toggles in the phone, and I'm certain that they will be sooner or later. Unless the smooth and easy-philosophy is also anti-dive down to tweak.

    The one representing the essential evolution of the OS is Virtual Keyboard, so that's my pick.
    This gives me an idea (for someone else).. A "Superpatch" that incorporates all the most popular patches, but also installs a "toggle" app that lets you turn each patch on and off without actually uninstalling it completely. How cool would that be?
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    Virtual keyboard
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    The most important for me (greatest to least):

    [Email] Replies Forwards Multi Mod - Need this to use the phone for e-mail reply title blocks so you don't look like a total ***** in a corporate setting.

    Virtual keyboard - would be number one by far and away if it didn't have all the glitches and could be brought up for universal search from home screen

    [Top Bar] Add Date - MM/DD

    Add space between snooze and dismiss on alarm

    Device menu megamix - Mostly for the flashlight and to toggle GPS on/off quickly

    SMS Character counter

    SMS Timestamps

    Disable charging alert sounds - Or every time I put my phone on the charger I'd think I got a text message for a split second

    Disable LED notifications for e-mail - I need my sleep

    Biggest one not yet created:

    Forward e-mails without turning them to attachments
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    Delete From Notification!
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    Add more IM into the default messaging app, e.g. msn and fb chat
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    Ok, so I'm breaking the rules. But I could not choose one. Instead, here are the 17 I would go to the trouble to reinstall if I had to doctor my phone. These impact my experience with the phone every time I pick it up. There are others I use on occasion, but these are the regulars. Most of these would be better off as configuration options.

    - 4 by 4 icons in launcher
    - date in top bar
    - battery icon as percent
    - delete from notification (actually I would like something better than this, I want to also be able to cycle through emails from notification, and archive, not delete)
    - Faster card animations
    - Gesture tap for info and delete
    - Add delete pages
    - Glass effect
    - Haptic feedback
    - Hide Nascar and NFL (Palm probably won't do that)
    - Hide quick launch
    - Increase font size to 18
    - Really silent ringer switch mute
    - Reset scroll position
    - Reset to middle page
    - Wrap pages (but would be better if it kept the animation)
    - Video camera Flashlight
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    Really hard to answer question, because there are so many great improvements thanks to this community!

    #1 patch for me I think will be "Notification Repeat". I usually leave my phone in my pocket on silent during the work day and since the vibration is so short, I sometimes don't feel it. But if the notification repeats every 5 minutes, I often catch is shortly thereafter. This is the single best improvement patch for me, by far.

    After that my 'required' patches are "Enable Add/Delete Pages" and "Really Silent Ringer Switch Mute" (Why does ANY application get to make noise if the switch is on 'silent'?).

    The 'really nice to have' patches after that are "Add Date - MM/DD", "All-Day Events in Month View", "Battery Icon and Percent", "Default to Month View", "Personal Avatar Left Side", "Reset Scroll Position" and "Snooze Duration Selection".

    As far as Applications: My #1 "Should-have-been-included-by-default" is "Mode Switcher". It's really nice to have my phone go on silent/no vibrate at 11 p.m. and wake up at 8 a.m. No more being woken up in the middle of the night by drunk friends. Of course, now I could miss emergency calls, but I'm of the opinion that, at that time of night, there's little I could do. Also, being able to turn the screen off when the phone is on the touchstone is a MUST for me.

    My 'nice to have' apps are 'Terminal' (because sometimes you just need to SSH in to a server and kill a couple of print jobs from afar!) and, of course, 'Preware'.
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    Flashlight in device menu. I have to use it all the time.

    I would have recommended top 5 patches instead of just 1.
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    hard to say, I run with over 30 patches. many are great, but I guess the one thing that seems so obvious for a slider phone, is the "close slider to end regular calls" patch. Why on Earth would a slider phone NOT hangup of you close the slider. Didn't they see the Matrix? A cell phone with slider should hang up when slider closed. It's obvious. First time my wife used my phone, she closed the slider, and I told her she still had to push "end call" button, and she said "that's stupid, it should hang up when you close it, like a flip phone." I had no comeback to that.

    Now that being said, given bluetooth, headsets, etc, I like the patch where it only hangs up regular calls thru handset, not wired headset or bluetooth, or speakphone. brilliant patch!
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    I wouldn't want my slider to end phone calls. Too often I use my bluetooth and want to do other things with the phone, such as play a game or browse the web in landscape mode.
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    If I had to pick just one, I'd go with the browser multi-mod. I love being able to use the keyboard to scroll in a webpage. It's darn near indispensable.
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    To only pick one:
    1. 4x4 Icons - It's the first patch I install after a wipe. Always. The default 3 across feels like running windows with a wrong graphics driver and a low resolution.

    Rest of the essentials:
    2. Add/Remove Launcher Pages - I'm thinking this is in the works. The Palm Profile already backs up multiple pages..
    3. Battery Icon as % - There's only so much information you can get out of a picture.
    4. Faster Card Animations - Don't care if it's only the **** dyno, but is feels faster.
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    For a newbie Pre Plus owner, this thread has been great. I'm loving these patches. To the person that said the patches are useless, you are missing out my friend.

    So far, loving:
    Faster card animations
    Advanced App Launcher Configuration
    4X4 Icons
    Reduce radius, though had problems with 8. Went to 15 and it seems to work just as well for me. Very important patch if you are reading any eBooks.
    Virtual Keyboard seems nice. May take some getting used to though, often mistype, type the wrong key.
    Like Landscape messaging, but disclaimer that you have to use virtual keyboard to type in that layout (obvious?)
    Ubercalendar looks very nice, have not used it much yet though.
    Gesture tap for Info and Delete, nice

    One that I REALLY like that I think has only been mentioned once:
    Enable Dialpad Vibration
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    Virtual keyboard if there was a -haptic feedback- when you enter a letter
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    I don't know if this is a Palm, Palm/HP or HP idea (or you, once again going above and beyond), but it is a great idea and I hope this info gets back to the right people.

    My top must have patch is Timestamps Clean by acydlord and dBsooner. For me there is a great convenience and need to know when a SMS was sent or received.

    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    I did not know that. I will lump those together. I don't dig into patches much. I have a stock Pre mostly for troubleshooting bugs etc. So I just taking the wording that is placed in their response.
    So I guess you are using the C40 as your normal day to day device? How's that working out for you? Can you please post a pic of it? I can't seem to find one on the internet.
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    Simple patches- Battery and % as well as Timestamps Clean. I'd also like to see the virtual keyboard, but I'm guessing it's more complicated. Voice dialing/commands would also be nice, but I guess that doesn't really fit this thread since it isn't a patch right now (that I know of).
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    Slide to Hangup when not on headset.
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    reduce drag radius
    4*4 icons
    lanscape email
    battery as %
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrok View Post
    This gives me an idea (for someone else).. A "Superpatch" that incorporates all the most popular patches, but also installs a "toggle" app that lets you turn each patch on and off without actually uninstalling it completely. How cool would that be?
    I agree. Kinda like how you can toggle wifi, data, bluetooth, etc. on and off from their corresponding menus. So you would just have a list where you can toggle on and off. Also I would love to be able to have themes (not a patch haha) kinda like my psp does. I would love to be able to have more than one theme on my phone that I can easily switch between without going back to preware and uninstalling and installing a new one.

    But for the actual patch that I would want would be the character counter for messaging. This is useful to me because I use twitter a lot.

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