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    Definitely UberCalendar. Makes a critical part of the phone useable / useful.
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    Longer vibrating for SMS/repeated vibrating for unviewed SMS
    (ok I know that's two patches, but they are similar in functionality, if I really only can pick one then longer vibrating would be my choice)

    This way without looking at my phone I know why my phone is vibrating (I have it on vibrate almost all the time becuase of my work), whether it it just got twisted around in my pocket and hit the power button or I got an email or I got a text message from the office that I need to look at right away, and incase I'm too busy to look at it right away I like the 1 min vibrate to remind me that I still need to read it.

    That said, close seconds would be:
    Device menu flashlight
    Browser multi patch
    4x4 icons

    And I'm kinda suprised that this still isn't on the phone considering it was one of the first patches and a very nice "finishing touch"... a charator counter on the sms messages
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    4X4 icons. Pre Launcher looks weak and tacky with the stock launcher pages. Allow more, show more. Looks better. (also change the color of the launcher) (glass effect patch)
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    I'd say give the user the choice of 4x4 or 3x3. I personally like the stock.

    But also give us add/delete pages so there's no infinity scrolling.

    Add timestamps to all SMS/chat.

    start/stop/duration log for calls.

    date in title bar.

    screenstate overclocking
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    I would have to vote for 4x4 icons as my favorite.
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    Netstat daemon (and why not Netstat itself). Some way to view used data traffic separated into categories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    It's so hard to decide...

    I'd have to say 'Faster Card Animations' (though 'Reduce Drag Radius 8px is a close second)
    I'm for this one. I just removed all of my patches and this is the thing I miss the most. Usually its the 4x4 that I put on first but this time the animations are way to slow.

    Now I suggest a theme to add too. Its also a patch but the patch doesn't go as far as the theme does. Glass effect suite. The grey needs to go.
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    Definitly UberCalendar
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    http://<font color="Navy">Poll: Requ...r webOS</font>

    Coming soon-Calm Alarm
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    Palm Pimp.
    Comes with 2 free Pixis.
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    Hotmail works for email, why shouldn't MSN work for IM

    My vote is for MSN.
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    The first two are just enabling code that Palm has already written. They have no downside and are done!

    Landscape email - 4
    Add/Delete pages - 4

    Also, in Android, you can set the various animation speeds to slow, fast and off as standard settings.

    - Craig
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    -- I have 3 big ones that are all #1 to me:

    undo last deleted SMS message
    multiple email delete/forward
    add recipients to event (aka meeting invitation)
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    My two favorites:

    4x4 icons v5, coupled with
    the auto-hide quick-launch (when in launcher screen).

    "Glass look" on launcher is a nice visual change.
    Add/delete pages is great.
    Also, the patch that allows Youtube downloads is awesome.

    Oh yeah- I am NOT in favor of the virtual keyboard (as cool as it is). The Pre screen is too small for it, and I end up uninstalling the patch everytime I decide it's time to try it again. Also, it's too easy to accidentally enable it at times, or sometimes difficult to disable it.
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    Uber calendar, for sure.
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    4x4 launcher icons. (v3 if you must know.)
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    Very difficult to answer.. Reading through the posts I got a suggestion for a patch I didn't have (the radius patch) which I am just installing and it also reminded me about patches I'm just taking for granted, such as the XbyX launcher patches.

    There are so many of the patches that should be toggles in the phone, and I'm certain that they will be sooner or later. Unless the smooth and easy-philosophy is also anti-dive down to tweak.

    The one representing the essential evolution of the OS is Virtual Keyboard, so that's my pick.
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    1) Add/Delete/Name launcher pages
    2) 4x4 Icons
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    Longer vibrations for notifications.
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    Landscape Email
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