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    Gestureclick Context Menu.
    it allows you to use the orange bar menu in the browser by just using the gesture bar. It makes so much more sense and I use it everyday with sites like gizmodo, reddit, precentral, and digg to open many tabs.
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    Reduce Drag Radius gets my vote. It makes the whole webOS experience much smoother. The problem is getting the radius right. I like 8px, but 10px would probably be better for the wider audience.

    I was going to say Close Slider to End Calls (except Bluetooth), but that'd have to be added with some kind of toggle setting... so technically not the vanilla patch.
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    I wish I could name just one. I got my Pixi only 2 weeks ago and while I like it, I actually am quite angry at the lack of basic customization options on this phone. I feel like Palm released it way too fast.

    Anyway, On Screen Keyboard would be nice, along with Forced Roaming, the ability to assign quick launch keys to applications, better integration between the calendar and contacts, etc etc etc.

    I seriously think I have to downgrade back to my Centro. While I customized the hell out of that thing, the nice part was that I didn't really *have* to do it. With the Pixi, the Patches are a must because Palm left out so many basic functions.
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    All of these patches will be available shortly after the update thanks to AUPT and quick work from the Dev's.
    16 Candles, The Breakfast Club SB, Friday SB, App Catalog Fix, Palm Pre/Pixi - USB Modem, TMC Workaround, SCRIM Changing OTF

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    -True 'Universal' Search capability (ie: including Calendar without needing a data connection).

    Barring that, if my choice is of the currently available patches (I picked top 3 vs. 1):
    #1: UberCalendar (A must for any PalmOS Calendar Junkies)
    #2: Advanced Launcher Config. (just installed yesterday and loving it)
    #3: Data in Device Menu (for those of us without unlimited data plans)

    Many thanks to the Devs who have built all of these great patches and OTA tools (Preware, etc..).
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    uber-calender for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post

    Note as I mentioned before this does not guarantee or is not to be looked at as any patches being incorporated into a future update. I'm not saying they won't be, but not saying they will be.
    One of the best disclaimers I have ever read.

    So hard to pick just one. I thought I had it narrowed down to 4x4 launcher pages because 3x3 drives me insane. But I think I just changed my mind as I started to type this. I think my one ends up being only half a patch actually...

    Read/Delete All Buttons in email. I could be happy with the Read half only. It's a must for my email when I get 5-6 emails at the same time and I know what they say (confirmation of something work related or something), my mild OCD can't stand to leave them in the unread state.
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    Leave the small stuff to our homebrew teams... Palm / HP should work on the big patches, therefore I suggest the Virtual keyboard (even though I prefer the physical keyboard, I do use the virtual keyboard a few times a week).
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    Honestly, the majority of patches I think deserve to be homebrew; small personalizations that would not fit well built-in to the stock ROM.

    However, there are some that could definitely be an improvement for stock devices and nearly all users.

    Mainly, I've found "Reduce Drag Radius" patch makes slider widget operations much easier/less frustrating and improves the feel of OS responsiveness overall.

    Close seconds include: Add/Delete Launcher Pages, Prevent PDFView Removal, and Clean Timestamps in Messaging
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    The most important one that SHOULD be in WebOS but is not would be "Toggle 3G in Menu". This may not seem like a big deal for those in the middle of good 3G service areas, but for those like myself who live in areas where some of the towers are 2G only with others that are 3G, being able to force 2G is a wonderful thing. Being able to select 2G, 3G, or Auto from the top menu is VERY nice, since you don't need to open an app to get access to the control.
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    Time stamps in messaging.
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    Palm started advertising in business magazines. This is a must: Replies Forwards Multi Mod

    Without this patch, any replies or forwards for an Exchange account totally change the appearance of the e-mail. This patch makes it so that the reply looks like it was actually sent from Outlook and preserves the formatting (as much as possible). I do not upgrade until this patch is available.
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    Anything that will fix the "Too many cards open" problem.
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    If I had to choose one, difficult since I have 20-30....

    4x4 v5
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    I'd put my vote in for the 4x4 menu patch as well.
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    Advance configuration for app launcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by Safira View Post
    I need to check into patches more.

    Landscape email (to be really nice I'd like to see this in PDF and doc files too)
    There is a landscape PDF Patch... Which is nice.

    As for my vote... so hard to pick...
    I guess Add/Delete Launcher pages

    But then again I like a lot more to make my Pre look custom.
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    add/delete pages
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    Virtual Keyboard
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    4x4 Icons.
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