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    I have used Handbrake to rip video from a couple DVDs (which I own, thanks for asking) for watching on my (Sprint) Pre. Used the iPhone preset as is often recommended. But I find that when I watch them, although the quality is good, the Pre consumes a lot of power and gets really hot, obviously using a lot of CPU to decode the video. It's so bad that I can't get through a whole movie on a plane trip before substantially draining the battery. Am I doing something wrong or is it this bad for everyone?

    So I got to wondering if anyone has tried to find optimal codecs or encoding settings based on minimizing power consumption when played on the Pre. I am looking for pointers before embarking on some experiments. Or has it been determined that it's that bad no matter what the settings?
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    It's bad no matter the settings... I would suggest turning the brightness down. Turning off 3G (internet), wifi and BT will also help but only slightly. The optimal setting is almost completely identical to the iPhone so Handbrake with the iPhone setting is great. I use that setting as well.
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